February 21

February 21, 2018

HARMAN Professional Solutions Celebrates 20 Years of Exceptional Sound and Lighting at The Kennedy Center

New video showcases how HARMAN Professional audio and lighting solutions deliver exceptional results for more than 2,000 events each year   

WASHINGTON D.C.—As the nation’s premier performing arts and cultural center, The Kennedy Center houses nine world-class performance spaces, including four theaters, three concert stages, an opera house, and a concert hall. It is also the resident venue for the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) and the Washington National Opera (WNO). Each year, the Kennedy Center produces more than 2,000 events and performances, making it one of the only venues in the world to host such a high and diverse volume of programming.

In order to support a huge range of performances on a demanding schedule, the Kennedy Center relies on HARMAN Professional audio and lighting solutions to provide brilliant sound and lighting for each event. Every venue in the Kennedy Center features JBL Professional speakers, Crown amplifiers, dbx signal processing, Soundcraft or Studer consoles, AKG microphones, and Martin lighting.

To celebrate the 20-year partnership between HARMAN and The Kennedy Center, HARMAN traveled to the facility to create this video, which shows how HARMAN Professional audio and lighting solutions give event producers impressive artistic license to achieve their vision.  

  • See how a complete HARMAN Professional audio and lighting solution enables the Kennedy Center to produce daring and artistic live performances across its nine venues
  • Learn why HARMAN equipment provides the reliability, ease-of-use, and technical redundancy required for 365 days of performances across multiple venues
  • Discover how more than 1,000 JBL loudspeakers and 500 Crown amplifiers bring impressive sound to every event
  • Find out how Soundcraft and Studer consoles, and dbx signal processing help audio engineers deliver world-class mixes for each event
  • See how AKG microphones provide professional sound reproduction for the NSO, WNO, and touring artists
  • Learn why production teams use Martin moving-head fixtures to create stunning lighting designs

“The partnership that we've had with HARMAN is 20 years old, and in those 20 years we have done extraordinary work together. We've been creative, HARMAN has been responsive. And together we have done things that we alone could never have done.”
—Deborah Rutter, President, Kennedy Center 

“When the technology is at its best, you never think about it, you never see it. That allows culture to be culture and technology to just be the infrastructure that we know we need. And we're grateful to be working with HARMAN because they're a partner who can help us realize that vision.”
—Garth Ross, Vice President, Community Engagement, Kennedy Center 

Watch the video now.

January 26

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Dj academy email

January 26, 2018

Uppercuts DJ Academy Stays on the Cutting-Edge of Music Education with HARMAN Professional Solutions

JBL EON speakers, Soundcraft mixers, and AKG headphones and microphones help the next generation of DJs and producers develop their skills

MOSCOW—Uppercuts DJ Academy recently upgraded their facility with industry-leading audio solutions from HARMAN Professional Solutions.

Founded in 2014 by DJ Mos, Uppercuts DJ Academy offers aspiring DJs and producers a cutting-edge education in turntable performance and electronic music production, preparing graduates for success in clubs, contests and festivals. In order to ensure a comprehensive educational experience with professional sound monitoring for its students, the academy recently invested in a total HARMAN audio solution comprised of JBL EON speakers, AKG headphones and microphones and Soundcraft mixers.   

“The new HARMAN equipment has made a huge difference in our classrooms,” said Tony Starr, Director, Uppercuts DJ Academy. “When we first opened, instructors and students brought their own headphones to class and everyone used different models from various manufacturers—there was no consistency. The AKG headphones ensure that we’re all hearing the same thing when we listen together, which is critical for providing accurate feedback and helping our students develop as artists.”

Throughout the academy’s facility, students use individual turntable stations to practice their mixing and scratching skills. At each station, JBL EON610 speakers reproduce every aspect of the student’s technique with the clarity they need to evaluate their performance. Additionally, AKG K181 DJ headphones allow the students to practice privately, and listen critically to the subtle details of their mixes. In the electronic music lab, JBL LSR308 studio monitors and Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK mixing consoles help students create their first compositions.

“If you have bad headphones and poor equipment, you are going to have a hard time preparing your routines,” said DJ Mos, Founder, Uppercuts DJ Academy. “A DJ set is called a routine because it is a process—the more technical problems there are, the more difficult it is to perform at a professional level. Our students are fortunate to have access to HARMAN equipment on their path to success. The quality of JBL speakers and AKG headphones allow our students to develop their skills with confidence."

Uppercuts DJ Academy also selected two JBL EON ONE PA systems to use for events and competitions throughout the facility. The EON ONE’s portability and ease-of-use allow the staff to host a variety of DJ battles and beat-making collaborations. AKG D5 microphones deliver crisp and clear vocal intelligibility when the MC addresses the audience and participants at such events.

“The HARMAN system enables us to provide professional sound quality for spectators and performers alike,” said DJ Sibir, Senior Lecturer, Uppercuts DJ Academy. “The JBL EON ONE system is incredibly intuitive and takes no time to set up. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a sound engineer to achieve professional results with JBL EON ONE. We recently hosted a unique event in which two DJs collaborated with three or more beat makers at a time. This required a complex routing situation, and the Soundcraft Signature 22MTK console handled the configuration with ease. It may have been the best sounding scratch competition I’ve ever witnessed.”

January 24

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January 24, 2018

HARMAN Professional Solutions Announces Free Soundcraft Ui24R 2.0 Feature Update at NAMM 2018

Free firmware download expands the capabilities of the Ui24R with advanced new features, including Speech AutoMix, Multi-Ducker, Chinese-localization and more

NAMM (Booth #14811), ANAHEIM, Calif.—HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, including networked AV, today announced the free Soundcraft Ui24R 2.0 firmware update is now available.

The free update includes several significant additions and workflow enhancements to the Ui24R feature set. The Speech AutoMix function automatically reduces the noise floor in panel-discussion or theatre situations by prioritizing the current speaker. The Multi-Ducker feature, designed for radio or TV broadcast workflows, allows for automatic ducking of user-specified sources. Language localization provides the option of setting the browser-based user interface to Chinese.

"Ui24R 2.0 Firmware adds new features and advanced workflow enhancements that enable users to mix with greater flexibility and speed," said Scott Wood, Solutions Manager, Mixing at HARMAN Professional Solutions. "For engineers and mixers working in broadcast or performing arts environments, innovative features like Speech AutoMix and Multi-Ducker make the Ui24R even more powerful and user friendly. This is the fourth free firmware update we've released since the Ui24R debuted last March, demonstrating our commitment to continually expanding the Ui24R’s capabilities."

The Speech AutoMix feature is designed to prevent significant noise-floor increases in situations where multiple mics are open, such as a panel discussion or theatrical production, by automatically prioritizing the current speaker and deprioritizing the other open mics. Speech AutoMix also provides a "weight" compensation for adjusting for stronger or less prominent voices in the group, as well as a single control for modifying the speed of response between channels.

For content creators working in broadcast environments, the new Multi-Ducker feature greatly simplifies the mixing workflow by allowing groups of mic channels to be routed to numbered subgroups. When signal is present in a lower-numbered subgroup, the higher-numbered subgroups are automatically "ducked" and compressed to a lower level. When the people on mics are speaking, the music subgroups will automatically duck their levels, and when the speaking pauses, the music channels return to the same level.

To support the rapidly growing Chinese user-base for the Ui24r, users can now easily switch Ui24R's HTML5  browser-based interface from English to Chinese. This marks the first ever language localization in a Ui product.

The Ui24R digital mixing and recording system delivers flexible I/O, pristine sound quality, intuitive wireless control and roadworthy reliability—all in a streamlined design. The system can be controlled by up to 10 devices via Ethernet or built-in dual-band Wi-Fi, making it possible to control mixing and multitrack recording wirelessly. Renowned Lexicon, dbx and DigiTech signal processing ensures pristine sound, while 20 Studer-designed microphone preamps deliver more professional inputs than any other mixer in its class. The compact, rack-mounted Ui24R is part of the HARMAN Connected PA ecosystem and offers unprecedented control, versatility and power at an incredible value.

The Ui24R v2.0 firmware update is compatible with HTML5 browsers on Windows 7 and 10, Mac, Android, and iOS. For more information, please visit https://www.soundcraft.com/en-US/products/ui24r.

January 24

January 24, 2018

HARMAN Professional Solutions Announces HARMAN Connected PA 1.1 at NAMM 2018

Free software update adds user-friendly features to HARMAN Connected PA system, including Offline/Online editing mode, Lexicon effects returns and more

NAMM (Booth #14811), ANAHEIM, Calif.—HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, including networked AV, today announced the immediate availability of the HARMAN Connected PA 1.1 for Mac, Windows, and iOS and Android tablets.

Connected PA 1.1 delivers new features that offer performing musicians, professional sound providers, and retail sales engineers greater flexibility and increased control. Offline/Online editing mode enables users to create virtual system configurations from any variety of Connected PA compatible components, before an event or performance and without being connected to the hardware. Users can then push their system configurations to the hardware for an event, installation or performance—greatly reducing setup time and complexity.

Connected PA 1.1 also makes it easier to enhance mixes with renowned Lexicon effects. Connected PA 1.1 now displays effects return channels for the Soundcraft Ui-mixer’s integrated Lexicon effects directly in the user interface, making it faster and easier to get a great sound. Lexicon effects returns are now displayed alongside the input channels, allowing users to adjust the levels of reverb and delay effects directly from the Connected PA.

“HARMAN Connected PA 1.1 makes it even faster and easier for musicians to set up and get professional sound,” said Scott Wood, Mixers Solutions Manager, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “With Offline/Online editing mode, musicians and audio professionals can design and configure their system at any time, streamlining setup when it’s time to perform. And with control over Lexicon effects-return now directly within the app, musicians will find it even easier to tailor their sound on the fly.”

As the world’s first completely integrated live sound system, HARMAN Connected PA brings together Soundcraft mixers, JBL speakers, AKG microphones and dbx DI boxes into a single, easy-to-use interface. At the heart of the Connected PA system, HARMAN’s exclusive ioSYS™ technology enables compatible products to recognize each other, and automatically configures the system for professional results. Powered by Soundcraft Ui-mixers’ integrated dbx, DigiTech and Lexicon processing, the HARMAN Connected PA app includes presets to help musicians find and optimize their sound in various venues and performance environments. Current compatible products include Soundcraft Ui12, Ui16, and Ui24R digital mixers, JBL PRX800 loudspeakers, dbx Di1 active direct boxes, AKG P5i microphones and the AKG MDAi dynamic microphone adapter.


The HARMAN Connected PA 1.1 mobile app is now available from the Apple App Store and Google Play. The Windows and Mac versions of Connected PA are available for download at connected-pa.com. The Soundcraft, AKG, dbx and JBL components mentioned in this announcement are all currently available. For additional information on the HARMAN Connected PA app and ecosystem, please visit http://connected-pa.com 

January 24

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January 24, 2018

HARMAN Professional Solutions Announces Free Soundcraft Notepad 1.09 Feature Update at NAMM 2018

First major firmware update includes highly-requested “Ducker” feature, updated control panel functionality and more; now shipping worldwide

NAMM (Booth #14811), ANAHEIM, Calif—HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, including networked AV, today announced the first major firmware update for Soundcraft Notepad mixers is now available.

The free firmware update for Notepad-5, -8FX and -12FX desktop mixing solutions includes the highly-requested “Ducker” feature, a broadcast-style side chain compressor that enables content creators to select up to four mic preamp channels as threshold triggers to “duck” the USB audio return when they are speaking.  The update also includes a firmware updater and a control panel that allows users to select which inputs feed the USB bus while connected to computer workstation software. Offering a streamlined design, exceptional value and versatile performance, Soundcraft Notepad mixers enable musicians, podcasters and audio professionals to meet today’s audio workflow challenges in a powerful and compact package.

“We’re excited to showcase the first major firmware update for Soundcraft Notepad mixers at NAMM 2018,” said Scott Wood, Mixers Solutions Manager, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “The new firmware includes the “Ducker” feature, which is one of our customers’ most requested features. Now podcasters and content creators can play music on their computer during interludes or breaks, and when they speak the Notepad automatically ducks the USB audio return. This is a professional broadcast feature normally only found on high-end mixing consoles, and we’re proud to include it our line of compact desktop surfaces that meet the budget of any musician or content creator.”

Soundcraft Notepad mixers include professional microphone preamps with excellent audio quality for a variety of uses, XLR combination jack mic/line inputs for easy connection with professional audio gear, and 1/4" balanced inputs for connecting keyboards, playback devices and more. USB I/O connectivity enables easy recording and playback with digital audio workstations or video editing workstations. In addition, users of the Notepad-8FX and Notepad-12FX can also enhance their audio using renowned HARMAN Digital Signal Processing (DSP), including Lexicon reverb, chorus and delay with tap tempo control.

Soundcraft Notepad mixers are designed for exceptional convenience and ease of use. A traditional channel strip layout provides fast and efficient access to desired channels and sends. Up to three EQ bands per channel are perfect for simple audio shaping on incoming audio signals. An Aux/FX send makes it easy to feed audio signals to external devices or built-in Lexicon digital processing. A master fader with LED metering provides XLR stereo output level control. A rotary headphone level provides simple control for master mix or aux output levels.

Soundcraft Notepad mixers are now available from authorized HARMAN resellers worldwide. The 1.09 update is available at www.soundcraft.com/software.

January 24

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January 24, 2018

HARMAN Professional Solutions Announces Free Feature Update for Soundcraft Vi 000-series Digital Mixing Consoles

Free 6.4 software update adds five major new features, streamlining the workflow of the popular Vi000-series consoles from Soundcraft

NAMM (Booth #14811), ANAHEIM, Calif—HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, including networked AV, today announced software release version 6.4 for all Soundcraft Vi -000 and -00 series consoles.

The workflow-enhancing software update is released in parallel with the launch of the company’s new Vi1000 mixing console and incorporates a number of new features benefitting users of the Vi1000 and the Vi family of consoles including the Vi2000, 3000, 5000 and 7000. In addition, users of older Vi4 and Vi6 consoles that have been upgraded to Vi400/600 spec with a CPU upgrade kit, can benefit from the functional improvements.

With this update, Vi-mixers now support Sennheiser Digital 6000 digital wireless microphones in the VM2 microphone monitoring system. This useful feature allows users to see battery, RF, audio level and Sennheiser’s Link Quality Indicator for attached wireless microphones, in real time, directly within the channel strip display. Other wireless systems already supported include AKG DMS and WMS systems, and Shure ULXD, QLXD and Axient.

The new Autocomplete patching feature allows any range of channels or busses to be sequentially patched or cleared in a single operation, using the console’s Gang facility, saving valuable time during setup.

Two new features allow users to take more control of the console’s fader layout: Strip Lock allows any fader strip to be locked in place on the surface at the touch of a button, giving permanent access to important channels, VCAs or busses. This also allows the second operator to lock a temporarily assigned block of inputs or busses in place on the console’s right-hand bay, while the main operator changes layers on the rest of the console. In addition, the console’s User-defined fader page layouts can now be stored and recalled with snapshot automation—bringing the flexibility of unlimited changes to the fader layout as the show progresses.

Finally, the Direct Output Gain Stabilization System (D.O.G.G.S) is a feature already available on the Soundcraft Si consoles and by popular demand, becomes part of the Vi feature set. This allows signals sent from the console’s direct output to maintain a constant level, even when changes are made to the input preamplifier gain, meaning that recording feeds or splits sent to other consoles are unaffected by gain changes once the show starts. A new mode on the Vi gives the option of stabilizing the whole channel level, instead of the direct output, giving the option to make emergency preamp gain adjustments during a show without having to adjust sends or fader levels.

 “The V6.4 software release shows that we’re listening as hard as ever to our customers’ feedback and represents the most powerful update package that’s been released for the Vi console platform,” said Andy Brown, Soundcraft Product Manager, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “These features make a significant difference to the usability of the console, whether that’s speeding up patching tasks, managing the console’s fader layout, keeping send levels constant, or keeping an eye on Sennheiser wireless microphone parameters during a show.”


The V6.4 software update for the latest generation of Soundcraft Vi consoles is available now as a free download from the Soundcraft website at https://www.soundcraft.com/en-US/software.

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