Vi400/600 Upgrade

Vi400/600 Upgrade
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The Vi400/600 Control Module is designed to directly replace the Vi4/6 ‘silver box’ Control Module and provide a faster processor, more reliable performance with hard-soldered DisplayLink-based graphics outputs rather than the PCI graphics card of the original system. The new module runs a variant of V6.x software, but with a cut-down feature set compared to Vi000- series consoles, appropriate to the capabilities of the Vi2/4/6 surface and Local Rack. A useful application for this upgrade would be to give an existing surface a new lease of life and allow it to function as an emergency backup surface, rather than being disposed of, when a full Vi5/7000 upgrade is purchased.

The control surface will externally remain a Vi4 or 6, but will identify as a Vi400 or 600 on its main Menu screen.

Note that the control module upgrade is also available for Vi2 consoles, which will become Vi200 once upgraded.


Features available when a Vi2/4/6 console is upgraded with this option:

  • New-look 3D-Vistonics touchscreen graphics, as Vi000-series consoles
  • 30-second Fast-boot
  • Faster surface response, particularly on layer changes
  • Functioning Setup buttons for encoder USER mode assign and F1-6-key assign
  • Shure Mic Monitoring
  • Full-featured ViSi Remote, with EQ, Dynamics & metering (V6.2 s/w and ViSi Remote V3.2 onwards)
  • ‘Mirroring’ of two consoles (V6.2 s/w onwards)
  • Ability to control the console on-line using Virtual Vi as well as the Control Surface
  • Input channels assignable to Master Bay feature (V6.2 s/w onwards)
  • Increased number of insert points (64) and tie lines (128)
  • Ability to use the upgraded Surface with either a Vi4/6 ‘Classic’ Local Rack, or a Vi5/7000 Local Rack *
  • Local I/O can either use original passive breakout box on Classic Local Rack, or ABB on Vi5/7000 Local Rack
  • Ability to benefit from future software updates on the V6.x software platform (new features may be restricted compared with Vi000-series due to the limitations of the surface and DSP in the Local Rack)

*Features from Vi5/7000 that are NOT available with the Vi4/600 Control Module upgrade are:

  • 128 inputs not available (channel count remains at 96ch assuming minimum of 3 DSP cards in Classic rack, or 5 or 8 DSP cards in a Vi5/7000 Local Rack).
  • 96kHz sample rate operation not available
  • BSS DPR 901ii Dynamic EQ not available
  • vMIX automatic microphone mixing not available

These features are ONLY available by implementing a FULL Vi5000/7000 Upgrade or by purchasing a complete new Vi5000/7000 system (see the Vi5000 or 7000 web pages for product details and information about the upgrade possibilities).


Installation is straightforward and requires only basic tools as the new Control System Module is connector-compatible with the original ‘Silver Box’ unit, and mounts to the chassis using the same fixings. Some re-routing of internal cables is necessary along with the removal of some parts of the original system which are no longer required, but all of this can be done without soldering. The upgrade process should take around an hour, depending on level of technical experience.

If in any doubt, your local Soundcraft distributor or agent can perform the upgrade for you.


Although the Control Module is supplied with operating software installed, a software update should be performed once the modified console is up and running. The latest software upgrade files and matching Virtual Vi Offline Editor are available via the Downloads tab of this web page.

Full installation instructions are provided in printed form with each Control Module, and are available to download below.


  Version Language Size Uploaded
Offline Editors
platform icon Soundcraft Virtual Vi
version, updated: Nov 2023     22.2 MB Nov 2023
platform icon Soundcraft Virtual Vi [PREVIOUS VERSION]
version, updated: Feb 2022     21.8 MB Feb 2022
Software Updaters
platform icon Update_Console.7z
version, updated: Jun 2022     17.7 MB Jun 2022
Release Notes V6.4.5.340     4.76 KB Jun 2022
platform icon Update_Console.7z [PREVIOUS VERSION]
version, updated: Dec 2021     17.6 MB Dec 2021
Release Notes V6.4.4.334     5 KB Dec 2021
platform icon
version, updated: Jan 2022     410 KB Jan 2022
Update Instructions for Vix00+Vix000 v2.0     125 KB Jan 2022
  Version Language Size Uploaded
Install Guides
file type icon Vi400/600 Upgrade Install Guide-English
en updated: Nov 2023
  en  2.63 MB Nov 2023
Owners Manuals
file type icon Vi V6.4.4 Software User Guide v1.0
en updated: Nov 2023
  en  1.02 MB Nov 2023
file type icon Vi V6.4.3 Software User Guide v1.1
en updated: Dec 2023
  en  965 KB Dec 2023
file type icon V6.4 Software User Guide Supplement
en updated: Nov 2023
  en  2.03 MB Nov 2023
file type icon V6.3 Software Features User Guide
en updated: Nov 2023
  en  1.79 MB Nov 2023
file type icon Vi V6.2 Mirroring User Guide v1.2
en updated: Nov 2023
  en  2.59 MB Nov 2023



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Vi400/600 Upgrade