ViSi Listen

The All-New ViSi Listen App… Fast, smart and designed for the perfect performance.

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The all-new ViSi Listen App from Soundcraft allows wireless remote control of mix bus contribution levels in Si Series mixing consoles right from an iOS or Android tablet. Create the perfect sound for the perfect performance by selecting the desired mix bus and customizing which channels feed into it for quick adjustments from a tablet.

ViSi Listen is available for the following Si Series mixing consoles:

  • Si Impact
  • Si Performer
  • Si Expression
  • Si Compact


ViSi Listen Console Software Requirements*:
(Latest software available on the Soundcraft website)

  • Si Impact: 1.1 build 0006 or higher
  • Si Performer: 1.8 build 0006 or higher
  • Si Expression: 1.8 build 0006 or higher
  • Si Compact: 3.3 build 0006 or higher

*Please make sure your console is updated before using this software.

ViSi Listen Android Tablet Compatibility:
Android 4.4 or higher.

Note: Devices with Android 4.3 or earlier are not compatible with the ViSi Listen app.

ViSi Listen iOS Tablet Compatibility:
iOS 7 or higher.

Note: iPad 1 devices are not compatible with iOS 7 and cannot use the ViSi Listen app.


  • Control monitor mix bus contribution levels
  • Allow musicians and performers to adjust their own monitor mix
  • Allow multiple users on the same console to control their own mixes
  • Create custom View Groups for quicker navigation from a tailored channel setup
  • Set access restrictions to prevent accidental changes to other mix buses

Since Si Series mixing consoles can be wirelessly networked, FOH engineers can control specific layers on multiple consoles. And now, thanks to ViSi Listen, multiple performers can adjust their respective monitor mixes without accidentally modifying the FOH mix or the channel and bus processing parameters.

Better still, users can quickly customize which channels to view on their device with a tap of the “+” button in the View Group Page. From there, performers can adjust volume and pan parameters on each of the selected channels for a truly personalized monitor mix.


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ViSi Listen User Guide   en  1.82 MB Oct 27, 2016



ViSi Listen

The All-New ViSi Listen App… Fast, smart and designed for the perfect performance.