The easiest-to-use digital console workflow on the market, now available in an even smaller package.

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The latest addition to Soundcraft's Vi range of digital live consoles, the new Vi2000 brings unparalleled mixing power to the live touring, install and corporate AV markets in a single-box, cost-effective package. The new console combines the unique Vistonics-based control surface concepts of the highly successful Vi3000, 5000 and 7000 consoles, with Soundcraft® SpiderCore - a powerful integrated DSP and IO engine based on STUDER technology and compact enough to reside inside the control surface itself.

Running the latest V6.3 console software, the Vi2000 now includes vMIX automatic microphone mixing, alongside the acclaimed BSS DPR901ii Dynamic EQ via an insertable processing pool which also includes Lexicon Multi-effects and the ability to insert any external device.

In addition to a full complement of on-board mic and line IO, configurable up to 48 mic line inputs and 16 line outputs using combinations of 16ch XLR modules in 4 rear-mounted slots, the console includes two 64ch expansion slots allowing up to two MADI-based Stageboxes to be connected, or alternatively the slots provide access to the extensive range of D21m IO option cards, addressing all industry standard audio formats. The total I/O count of the console is 246 in 246 out.

In common with other Vi000-series consoles, a built-in 64x64ch Dante interface provides direct recording/playback connection via Ethernet to any PC or Mac-based recording software, or allows the Vi2000 to integrate into an existing Dante network.

The Dante interface is complimented by an additional optical MADI interface designed for either record feeds or connection of the Soundcraft Realtime Rack Plug-in engine, adding the power of Universal Audio UAD-powered plug-ins to the Vi2000's pristine audio quality.

The package is completed by an ultra-compact frame design only 1.15m in width, with 16 input faders and 8 output faders, allowing the console to fit into both space and budget restricted applications. Patented features like Faderglow, VM2 microphone monitoring and Vistonics provide a uniquely user-friendly mixing experience and superb sound quality is assured by a 40-bit floating-point DSP environment, running STUDER, BSS, Lexicon and dbx algorithms.


Control Surface
Input Faders 16
Output Faders 8 +3 (LRC masters) +1 (Monitor A/B)
Total Faders 28
3D Vistonics screens 3 (2 input, 1 master)
Fader bay operation 4x Fixed Input layers A/B/C/D giving 64 inputs on 16 fdrs.
Input channels can be assigned to Master bay for 24 input fdrs.
5x User layers 1-5
1x Busses 1-16 Layer plus screen assign 17-24, for 24 mono/stereo busses
VCA/A/B/C/D/E output/input fader pages, (A-E user definable)
Local I/O Physical connectors
Mic/Line Inputs 48, 32 or 16 configurable (max 3x 16ch out cards of 4 total) (Last 5 outs default to local monitors but can be repatched)
AES/EBU In 2 (=4ch) plus optional 16ch via Vista1 card (remove 2 mic or line out cards to fit).
AES/EBU Out 2 (=4ch) plus optional 16ch via Vista1 card (remove 2 mic or line out cards to fit).
TB Mic in 1 front panel, with rear-switched 48V.
Phones out 1 ste jack, under armrest
Optical MADI In/Out 1 (outputs paralleled with Dante interface).
Dante ports 1x 64ch in/out (2x Ethercon Pri/Sec).
Dante inputs are A/B switched with optical MADI.
D21m Option Slots 2 double/4single (total 128ch)
AES/EBU Input Sample Rate 32–108kHz (with SRC enabled)
Total number of simultaneous IO channels 246 inputs / 214 outputs
(assumes 48 mic in/16 line out config)
DSP Mixing Core Soundcraft® SpiderCore
Processing 40-bit Floating point, 48kHz sample rate
Input Channels to mix 96 mono Pairable to 48 stereo
Busses - Aux/Grp 24 mono/stereo
Busses - Matrix From 24 bus pool – max 16 mono/stereo.
Busses - Master 3 (LRC)
Assignable Insert Points 64 + 4FX
Tie Lines 128 (allow Stagebox IO to connect to Local IO without using mixing channels.
Lexicon FX 4 units (14 reverbs, 7 delays, 8 pitch-shift effects in each unit)
Tap Delay from F-key 1-4.
BSS Dynamic EQ 8 instances of DPR901ii 4-band DEQ
vMIX Automixing Up to 2 groups of 16 input channels
BSS GEQ 24 mono/stereo +LRC.
External Control Ports
Ethernet 1 (dedicated HiQnet / Realtime Rack control)
MIDI 1 In, 1 Out
Other Ports
Mains Input 2, switched (redundant power supplies built in)
USB2.0 4 (2 front, 2 rear)
Wordclock In /Out 2x BNC
DVI out Reserved for future use
Gooseneck lamp 4-pin XLR 2, for rear panel illumination
Stagebox Optional, via MADI optical or Cat 5 option cards fitted to D21m expansion slots. Can connect up to 2 x 64ch Vi Stageboxes. Also compatible with Compact Stagebox and Mini Stagebox













































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Offline Editors
platform icon Soundcraft Virtual Vi
version, updated: Nov 2022     22.2 MB Nov 2022
platform icon Soundcraft Virtual Vi [PREVIOUS VERSION]
version, updated: Feb 2022     21.8 MB Feb 2022
Software Updaters
platform icon Update_Console.7z
version, updated: Jun 2022     17.7 MB Jun 2022
Release Notes V6.4.5.340     4.76 KB Jun 2022
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version, updated: Dec 2021     17.6 MB Dec 2021
Release Notes V6.4.4.334     5 KB Dec 2021
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version, updated: Jan 2022     410 KB Jan 2022
Update Instructions for Vix00+Vix000 v2.0     125 KB Jan 2022
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Owners Manuals
file type icon Vi2000 Owner's Manual-English
en updated: Sep 2023
  en  18.9 MB Sep 2023
file type icon Vi V6.4.4 Software User Guide v1.0
en updated: Sep 2023
  en  1.02 MB Sep 2023
file type icon Vi V6.4.3 Software User Guide v1.1
en updated: Sep 2023
  en  965 KB Sep 2023
file type icon V6.4 Software User Guide Supplement
en updated: Sep 2023
  en  2.03 MB Sep 2023
file type icon V6.3 Software Features User Guide
en updated: Sep 2023
  en  1.79 MB Sep 2023
file type icon Vi V6.2 Mirroring User Guide v1.2
en updated: Sep 2023
  en  2.59 MB Sep 2023
file type icon Vi Local Rack Stagebox DXFs
en updated: Sep 2023
  en  6.12 MB Sep 2023
file type icon Vi2000 Dimensions
en updated: Sep 2023
  en  920 KB Sep 2023
file type icon Vi2000 Flightcase Dimensions
en updated: Sep 2023
  en  1.31 MB Sep 2023
file type icon Vi2000 Outline Dimensions (DXF)
en updated: Sep 2023
  en  26.1 MB Sep 2023


Frequency Response - Stagebox Mic input to Line output +0/-1dB, 20Hz-20kHz
AES/EBU In to AES/EBU Out +0/-0.2dB, 20Hz-20kHz
THD+Noise 22Hz-22kHz
Stagebox Mic In (min gain) to Local Line Out <0.003% @ 1kHz
Stagebox Mic In (max gain) to Local Line Out <0.020% @ 1kHz
Local Line In to Line Out <0.003% @ 1kHz
Mic Input E.I.N <-126dBu (150Ω source)
Residual Noise -91dBu Stagebox line output; no inputs routed, Mix fader @0dB
CMRR, Stagebox Mic input 80dB @ 1kHz
Sampling Frequency 48kHz
Latency: Stagebox Mic Input to Local Line output < 2ms @48kHz
AES/EBU Input Sample Rate 32-108kHz (with SRC enabled)
DSP Resolution 40-bit floating point
Internal Clock Accuracy < +/- 50ppm
Internal Clock Jitter < +/- 2ns
External Sync BNC Wordclock
Input & Output Levels - Mic Inputs +28dBu max
Input & Output Levels - Line Inputs +22dBu max
Input & Output Levels - Line Outputs +22dBu max
Nominal Operating Level +4dBu (-18dBFS)
Input & Output Impedances - Mic Inputs 2k7Ω
Input & Output Impedances - All other analogue Inputs >10kΩ
Input & Output Impedances - Line Outputs <75Ω
Input & Output Impedances - AES/EBU Outputs 110Ω
Oscillator 20Hz to 20kHz/Pink/White Noise, variable level
Oscillator - Stagebox HP Filter 80Hz fixed, 12dB per octave
Oscillator - Channel HP Filter 20Hz-600Hz, 18dB per octave
Oscillator - Channel LP Filter 1kHz-20kHz, 18dB per octave
EQ (Inputs and Bus Outputs) - HF 20Hz-20kHz, +/-18dB, Q=0.3-8.7 or shelving
EQ (Inputs and Bus Outputs) - Hi-Mid 20Hz-20kHz, +/-18dB, Q=0.3-8.7
EQ (Inputs and Bus Outputs) - Lo-Mid 20Hz-20kHz, +/-18dB, Q=0.3-8.7
EQ (Inputs and Bus Outputs) - LF 20Hz-20kHz, +/-18dB, Q=0.3-8.7 or shelving
Metering Internal 20-segment LED bargraphs plus 9-segment gain reduction meters for all inputs and Outputs. Peak hold variable from 0-2s.
Mains Power Consumption 250W
Temperature/Humidity Range - Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)
Temperature/Humidity Range - Relative Humidity 0% - 90%, non-condensing Ta=40°C (104°F)
Temperature/Humidity Range - Storage Temperature Range -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Height (Console Only) 351mm (13.8")
Width (Console Only) 1155mm (45.5")
Depth (Console Only) 803mm (31.6")
Weight (Console Only) 45.2kg (99.6lb)
Height (with standard shipping carton) 610mm (24")
Width (with standard shipping carton) 1280mm (50.4")
Depth (with standard shipping carton) 950mm (37.4")
Weight (with standard shipping carton) 61kg (134.5lb)
Height (with factory flightcase) 1121mm (44.1")
Width (with factory flightcase) 1243mm (48.9")
Depth (with factory flightcase) 517mm (20.4")
Weight (with factory flightcase) 120kg (265lb)



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The easiest-to-use digital console workflow on the market, now available in an even smaller package.