MH4 (discontinued)

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Soundcraft's flagship dual-purpose MH4 console has become even more flexible thanks to the introduction of updated mono and stereo input modules. The new modules expand the use of the Aux busses by adding true mono/stereo switching to take maximum advantage of the console's 16 busses in Monitor mode, giving configurations of 16 mono, 12 mono/2 stereo or 8 mono/4 stereo mixes.

The MH4 has become widely adopted because of its ability to handle the most demanding live sound mixing, and is capable of use on FOH, monitors, or a combination of both. The new mono/stereo Aux switching makes the monitor-mode even more flexible when large numbers of mono mixes are required.

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  • Two fully modular frame sizes: 40+4 and 48+4 *
  • Four full-function stereo mic/line inputs fitted as standard
  • Flexible Auxiliary Bus structure allows use as FOH, Monitors or a combination
  • 8 Group busses with 12 Aux busses in total (FOH mode)
  • 16 Monitor busses: 16 mono, 12 mono + 2 stereo or 8 mono + 4 stereo (Monitor mode)
  • 8 VCA groups and 8 Mute groups
  • Integral 20x8 Ouptut Matrix
  • LCR panning on inputs, Semi-parametric EQ on stereo Aux outputs
  • LED Input and VU Output metering
  • Snapshot automation and MIDI control
  • Integrated control of dbx DriveRack and BSS Varicurve
  • Proven CPS800 Power Supply


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MH4 (discontinued)