Ui12/Ui16 Firmware Announcement

We are excited to announce free public beta firmware updates for Soundcraft Ui12 and Ui16 series of digital mixers, bringing new features and enhancing stability.

In response to customer feedback and requests, we have added more features and functions for both phone and tablet/computer HTML5 browser user interfaces for the Ui family of mixers, as well as general fixes and performance enhancements.

While these public beta builds have had excellent success with our own software team, and external beta testers, currently our internal test team is so busy with other projects, we have been unable to schedule these builds into the official release qualification schedule. To get these improvements out to users as soon as possible, we are offering these builds as a public beta to people who agree to the end user license agreement before the firmware download process.

The following is a partial list of updates in this public beta release:

General Updates:

  • Enhanced WiFi connection stability

Tablet View Feature Updates and Fixes:

  • Slow Mode feature. Long touch on fader cap to enter slow mode fine adjustment mode. Note: Activate feature in SETTINGS->HOLD FADER FOR FINE TUNING
  • Channel strip indicators. New Mute group vertical strip mute indicators left of upper meters, now inline across channels for easy identification of muter group status.
  • Player shuffle feature
  • Pedal functions now assignable to tap tempo
  • New GEQ (Aux and Master). Now allows horizontal scrolling
  • When pressing EZ EQ, user now gets a warning modal dialog telling users they will lose their current EQ settings
  • Left side pinned channel strip in edit mode now has double click on display to zero level value function (same as current mix page)

PHONE View Updates and Fixes:

  • Global Pedal function assignments are now syncing tablet view to phone view
  • Bypassing EQ on tablet view now fully syncs phone view
  • Bypassing gate on tablet view now fully syncs phone view
  • When changing 4th FX to Delay on tablet views, the phone view sync now updates when user refreshes current view
  • Add pre-proc / post-proc buttons to aux sends page. Added to bottom of fader below current pre/post button
  • Line/player/fx and group channels now show value in ms for delay controller in edit page
  • De-esser setup page now has channel number label
  • Selecting de-esser ball now changes switcher to de-esser parameter faders view/edit

The following areas have been updated:

  • EDIT is now accessible on phone view version.
  • Access control(logged in) ow locks the application automatically upon re-launching Phone version
  • Application malfunctions on double tapping Input channel label on Phone version
  • Compressor is now functional on Master channel.
  • Connect button no longer disappears after lost network on Android clients.
  • Double tapping Master channel label on Phone version no longer throws error message
  • Ui 12 is now accessible using default WPA2 password on Android clients
  • Modifying WPA2 password in Android device no longer affects connectivity on iOS clients
  • Authentication corrected in Android & Windows 10 clients upon changing WPA2 password
  • Ui desk is now accessible without password on active WPA2


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