Ui24R Firmware Update v2.0

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: Ui24R Firmware Update v3.3. ×

Last Updated: Jan 23

Soundcraft Ui24R 2.0 firmware update (free)

Soundcraft released the Ui24R surfaceless mixer in March of 2017. Since then, three additional free firmware updates have been released. Soundcraft is announcing the fourth major firmware update at the 2018 Winter NAMM show. Highlights of new features include:

  • Speech AutoMix: This adds 2x user selectable AutoMix groups, which are used in situations where multiple people are speaking on a panel or on a theater stage. When multiple mics are active on stage and the mic count doubles, the noise floor goes up by about +3dB (2x mics = +3dB, 4x mics = 6dB, 8x mics = 9 dB). To counter this, AutoMix prioritizes the most prominent current speaker, while deprioritizing the other active mics. Soundcraft’s implementation provides a “weight” compensation for adjusting for stronger or less prominent voices in the group, as well as a single control for adjusting the speed of response between channels.
  • Multi-Ducker: With huge expansion in content creation, Soundcraft is adding a new MultiDucker feature for those creating content in a radio or TV broadcast style workflow. MultiDucker enables users to route groups of mic channels to subgroups, and then in the subgroup compressor, assign higher number subgroups to “duck” (side chain trigged compression) from levels on any lower numbered subgroup. As an example, users could route the speaking mic channels to subgroup 1, a musician playing acoustic guitar in the same room to subgroup 5, and USB playback to subgroup 6. When the people on mics are speaking, the music subgroups will now automatically “duck” (compress) their levels, and when the speaking pauses, the music channel levels will return.
  • Language Localization: This release is the first language localization for a Ui Series mixer. Each HTML5 Ui user may now select Chinese in the Ui local settings, for using the interface in Chinese.

    Ui24R 2.0 firmware update is compatible with HTML5 browsers on Windows 7 and 10, Mac, Android, and iOS. (It is not compatible with Ui12 and Ui16.)

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