Ui24R Firmware Update v3.0

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: Ui24R Firmware Update v3.3. ×

Last Updated: Jan 24

With the free v3.0 firmware update, the Soundcraft Ui24R has been enhanced with Cascading and a number of other significant new features.

Cascading enables you to connect two Ui24R systems via Ethernet to expand your mixing capability with a new 32x32 bi-directional audio bus. Add a second Ui24R to double your mic inputs or connect two Ui24R mixers and control two fully independent mixes, such as FOH and monitors, or FOH and streaming mixes.

Features in the free 3.0 fimware update:

  • Cascading: Double your inputs or double your mixes
  • Cue Recall: save mix settings as Cues and then quickly and seamlessly recall them
  • UDP Control Recall: for triggering lighting control snapshots
  • Lexicon Reverb PreDelay: easily set the time before first surface reflections and simulate desired acoustic environments
  • More than 25 new supported touch screens
  • And more, described in the downloadable Ui24R 3.0 Firmware Addendum document

Software Update Instructions for Ui24R

  1. Download the uiupdate file from the Soundcraft website. The format is:
    (leave in zip format)
  2. Copy the file to a USB media device suitable for connection to a Ui mixers USB port.
    Note: The file can reside in any directory. Any USB port on the mixer is acceptable.
  3. Ensure a client device is connected to the Ui mixer GUI.
  4. Connect USB media to the Ui mixer
  5. The GUI display will display that the USB device has been mounted. After the stick has been read (maybe 10 more seconds) the update will be recognised.
  6. The GUI will prompt you if you would like to update the Ui mixer. Options are Ok/Cancel.
  7. Select OK to confirm
  8. The Ui mixer will perform a firmware update
  9. The GUI will present a message stating whether the update has been successful or not.
  10. You must power cycle the unit and reconnect the client device. Power off for at least 10-15 seconds before powering back on.
    Note: A flick of the power off/on will almost always fail to boot properly, and can get stuck in continuous flashing blue wifi led. Make sure to power off, wait 10-15 seconds, then power on. The blue wifi led will pulse/flash for around 10-15 seconds then remain on.
  11. You can now browse to the about page to see the new firmware version information.


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