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Analogue/Digital: Digital
Frame Sizes: 64
Stereo Channels: variable
Digital I/O: Yes
FX Processors: 4
Groups: 24
EQ Bands: 4
Aux Sends: 24
Returns: 0
Direct Outputs: Yes
Matrix Outputs: 8
Main Bus Out: LRC

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Recording & Mixing
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Soundcraft Vi1

Product Video

Operational Overviews

Soundcraft Vi1 Introduction   (4:06)
Vi DVD ch01 Introduction   (0:35)
Vi DVD ch02 System Overview    (4:03)
Vi DVD ch03 The Control Surface    (3:51)
Vi DVD ch04 Vistonics II User Interface    (6:02)
Vi DVD ch05 Configuring Output Buses    (5:06)
Vi DVD ch06 Editing Output Buses    (3:37)
Vi DVD ch07 Sending Signals to Auxes and Groups    (3:37)
Vi DVD ch08 Patching Inputs    (6:43)
Vi DVD ch09 Patching Outputs    (2:48)
Vi DVD ch10 Lexicon Effects   (7:40)
Vi DVD ch11 VCA & Mute Group Setup    (1:38)
Vi DVD ch12 Tap Delay    (1:16)
Vi DVD ch13 Channel Naming    (2:26)
Vi DVD ch14 Graphic EQ    (2:17)
Vi DVD ch15 Matrix Output    (2:13)
Vi DVD ch16 Inserts    (3:47)
Vi DVD ch17 Snapshot Feature    (6:03)
Vi DVD ch18 Gang Feature    (1:24)
Vi DVD ch19 Copy & Paste   (2:11)
Vi DVD ch20 Isolate Feature   (1:20)
Vi DVD ch21 Contact Details    (1:00)

Processor Card Tutorials

Processor Card Tutorial Part 1   (1:18)
Processor Card Tutorial Part 2   (1:12)
Processor Card Tutorial Part 3   (1:15)

Software V4.0 New Features

Soundcraft Vi Series V4.0 Software - GEQ enhancements   (1:58)
Soundcraft Vi Series V4.0 Software - New snapshot crossfades and preview mode   (3:02)


Soundcraft Vi1: Stooshe @ Scala, London   (1:50)
Soundcraft Vi6 on tour with Deep Purple, Gert Sanner (FOH) and Rob Hodgkinson (Monitors)   (1:46)
Soundcraft Vi6 with The Feeling   (5:47)
Vi Series Testimonials   (1:21)

Application Overviews

Soundcraft Vi Series - House of Worship Overview   (6:47)

Theatres & Installations

Dan Moses Schreier talks about using Studer Vista 5 and Soundcraft Vi4 on Broadway productions   (8:23)
Soundcraft Vi6 on the Album Chart Show   (0:29)

Product Models

Soundcraft Vi1 3D Model   (1:36)

Promotional Video

Karpe Diem at Oslo's Spektrum Arena with Martin Professional and Soundcraft   (3:17)
Vi Series Launch Video   (1:42)

Soundcraft Vi Series V4.0 Software - User Layers   (6:51)

Soundcraft Vi Series V4.0 Software - Output Bus extensions   (1:10)

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