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The Soundcraft Guide To Mixing Booklet

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This handy written tutorial explains what a mixer is, what the functions are, and the basics of setting up and using a PA system.

The printed booklet (English) is available upon request.
Available PDF Downloads:
• Soundcraft Guide To Mixing (English) 2.0Mb

• Soundcraft Guide To Mixing (Chinese) 4.4Mb

The Soundcraft Guide to Mixing - Contents

Section 1: Starting Out
A. What Does a Mixer Do?
B. Guidelines in Choosing a Mixer.
C. The Controls - A Description. Mono Inputs, Stereo Inputs, Subgroups, The Master Section
D. Signal Flow
Section 2: Connecting Equipment to Your Mixer
A. Input Devices
B. Equipment Requiring Inputs and Outputs
C. Ouput Devices
Section 3: Mixing Techniques
A. Choosing the Right Microphone;
Microphone Types, Condenser, Dynamic, Electret. Different Polar Patterns.
B. Setting up a Basic Mix;
Setting the Gain, Balancing Fader Levels, Balancing Output Levels.
C. Using the Mixerís EQ;
Fixed EQ. Using a sweep-mid equaliser.
D. Using Effects Units;
The different types; Reverb, Delay, Echo, Chorus & Flanging, Pitch Shifters. Setting up an effects loop. Pre and post fade auxiliaries.
E. Using Signal Processors;
The difference between signal processors and effects; Different types of signal processors; Graphic Equalisers, Parametric Equalisers, Gates, Expanders, Compressors/Limiters. Setting up a processor.
F. Creating a Foldback/Monitor Mix
Section 4: PA Mixing
A. What Does a Mixer Do?
B. Larger Performance; Medium Venues, Large Sized Venues
C. Recording Live
Section 5: Other Applications
A. Monitor mixing
B. Submixing
Section 6: The Studio
A. Essentials and Ergonomics
B. Tape Machines and Recording Media
C. The Console
D. Simple Multitrack Recording
E. Simple Multitrack Mixdown
F. Using a Dedicated In-Line Console
G. Recording Instruments and Voices
H. Planning a Session
I. Creating a Mix
J. Balancing the Mix
Section 7: Wiring Up & Connectors
  Balanced and Unbalanced Mic Inputs
  Balanced and Unbalanced Line Inputs
  Ground Compensated Outputs
  Impedance Balanced Outputs
Section 8: Glossary
  An A to Z to save your head!

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