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Soundcraft Si Expression

Knowledge Base - Si Expression

Si Expression KBs
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  Si Expression
•  How do I use the power button to enter Firmware update mode?

•  How do I turn the console off?

•  How do I set up and interrogate mute groups?

•  Can I record on the Si Expression?

•  How do I mix to monitors?

•  How do I access the parametric EQ on a ‘Mix’ master bus?

•  What is Interrogate and how can it be used?

•  How can I copy and paste channel settings?

•  How do I set up custom fader layers?

•  How do I mix FX to monitors?

•  How do I create a subgroup on the Si Expression?

•  How do I turn the console on?

•  How do I check the software version on my Si console?

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