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Soundcraft ViSi Remote


remote control your mixing console

Soundcraft ViSi Remote 2.1 is an iOS application that allows remote control of Soundcraft Vi*, Si Compact, Si Performer and Si Expression mixing consoles wirelessly from your iPad device using no additional hardware other than a wireless access router connected to the Harman HiQnet® Ethernet port of the console.

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The Soundcraft ViSi Remote is an iPad app which provides wireless control of Soundcraft Si Expression, Si Compact, Si Performer and Vi Series consoles. ViSi Remote allows you to mix and contour your sound from anywhere in a venue without being constrained by cables.

Systems can be configured to run in several ways.
  1. A single iPad can control one console’s levels and graphic EQ.
  2. Multiple iPads can control a single console’s settings. This means that artists can each control their own monitor mix directly from their performance position on stage.
  3. A single iPad could control a number of consoles in a network, which may include any of the consoles noted in the above range, so Si and Vi consoles may be mixed on a network.
  4. The ViSi app may be used as an offline familiarisation tool.
Simply connect a Wireless Router* to the HiQnet port on the console and mix remotely within minutes. * Soundcraft does not guarantee operation with all wireless routers.


Optimise the front of house mix from anywhere in the room
Set mic gains and 48V from the stage
Adjust monitor levels while standing next to the artist
Adjust channel strip settings remote from the console
Use to extend the fader count of an existing control surface
Use in standalone mode for familiarisation with console functions
Control a network of consoles (e.g. FOH and Monitor)
Provide a separate surface for DMX functionality (Si Performer only)
Allow multiple users on the same console to control their own mixes
Have a global metering overview or "meter bridge" as an extension of the console

Functions controlled

Channel naming
Input faders and mutes
Bus, master LR and VCA master faders and mutes
Mic Gain and 48V
ACS Settings include:
- Channel EQ with grabable parametric EQ curve
- Gate and Compression settings
- Pan
- Output Delay
- LR and Mono routing
- Phase Invert
Graphic EQs on all bus outs
Channel contributions to each Aux Mix
Channel contributions to each FX bus
Mix contributions to each matrix bus
DMX Masters (Si Performer Only)

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