Playmaker Café, Indonesia

The Opportunity

The Playmaker Café is a trendy dining and entertainment destination in Thamrin, Jakarta. Opened in October 2019 and founded by the famous football presenter Ophan Lamara, Playmaker Café is a popular hangout spot for locals and tourists alike. The establishment consists of a stylish restaurant, meeting rooms for corporate professionals as well as a lounge, which hosts live music events twice a week and includes two mini billiard tables that add a sporty, energetic vibe. Adding to its engaging atmosphere and providing guests an enhanced experience, Playmaker Café wanted to upgrade to a cutting-edge audio system that delivers pristine sound throughout the restaurant.

The Solution

Elevating the café’s dining experience, ambiance and live-music capabilities, IMS Indonesia installed a top-notch HARMAN Professional audio solution that includes JBL Professional loudspeakers, Crown amplification, AKG microphone technology and a Soundcraft mixer. IMS Indonesia selected the JBL C50PACK surface-mount subwoofer-satellite loudspeaker system, which provides versatility and high-fidelity sound for restaurants and other hospitality environments. For pristine vocal performance and speech intelligibility, the system includes an AKG D7 reference dynamic microphone, while a Soundcraft Notepad-12-FX with built-in Lexicon effects helps ensure peak audio quality and allows the café to achieve a professional sound without any additional plug-ins or equipment. To complete and power the system, IMS Indonesia used the reliable Crown XLi 800 two-channel power amplifier.

The Impact

“Playmaker Café required a world-class sound system that would allow customers to further enjoy the ambiance,” said a spokesperson for IMS Indonesia. “The system had to be dynamic and adaptable to produce great performance across a variety of music genres and live acts. After considering the various factors involved, we decided to use premium JBL speakers that perfectly complement Playmaker Café’s fun enviornment.”

“Our lounge prides itself on being a hub for great music for both background music” said a spokesperson for the Playmaker Café. “It was only natural that we wanted a sound system to match the dynamic ambiance of the café and enthrall our guests. IMS Indonesia met all our expectations and we are very satisfied with the solutions they provided.”