International Finance Center Seoul, South Korea

The Opportunity

The International Finance Center Seoul (IFC Seoul) is a large commercial complex containing the Conrad Seoul hotel, the IFC Mall and three IFC office buildings. Located inside the complex’s smallest building, The Forum at IFC is a world-class meeting space for executive seminars, board meetings and more. In order to meet the needs of various industry professionals, IFC Seoul recently decided to upgrade the existing AV system in The Forum.

The Solution

After consulting with industry-leading distributors TechData Co., Ltd., IFC Seoul installed a HARMAN networked AV system. To deliver immersive sound in The Forum, TechData deployed a line array of column loudspeakers, including JBL Intellivox HP-DS170, Intellivox DC115 and CBT 100LA-1 speakers. For added depth, TechData installed JBL Control 18C/T ceiling-mounted loudspeakers. JBL AC15 and EON610 loudspeakers on the walls provide balanced coverage throughout the facilities. The system is powered with Crown XTi 2002 and XTi 1002 amplifiers. A versatile Soundcraft Si Performer 1 mixing console provides advanced processing for audio and DMX signals.

TechData utilized an array of AMX products to provide complete control over the system. AMX NMX-ENC-N1122, NMX-ENC-N1115-WP, NMX-DEC-N12222 and NMX-WP-N1512 processors provide HDMI-quality video and audio over IP. The AMX NMX-ENC H.264 encoder captures live video recordings directly to a USB hard drive. To complete the setup, the AMX SC-N8001 AV control system was installed along with NX-3200, EXB-IRS4, and EXB-REL8 control interfaces. An MSD-1001 wall mount touch panel offers intuitive control over all devices in the network.

The Impact

“The Forum at IFC Seoul requested a state-of-the-art AV system capable of delivering latency-free video conferencing and audio recording,” said Mark Shin, Technical Engineer, TechData Co., Ltd. “In order to create a system powerful enough to meet their needs, yet simple enough for the staff to operate without a professional engineer, we decided to create a solution using HARMAN’s class-leading products.”

“Our goal was to create the best conference space in Korea,” said HJ Jeon, Director, IFC Seoul. “Our engineers at the Forum are very pleased with the new meeting spaces and are quite impressed by the new HARMAN system. It’s really improved the audio and video quality during lectures, seminars and small performances.”