Soundcraft Ui24R delivers 24 channels of I/O and intuitive wireless control in a streamlined design. You get 20 Studer-designed microphone preamps, and 22 simultaneous inputs—more than any other mixer in its class. Lexicon reverbs and dbx compression help you dial-in great sound quickly. The intuitive browser-based interface lets you connect up to 10 control devices simultaneously via Wi-Fi. Whether you’re mixing and recording audio at live venues, clubs or project studios, Ui24R provides professional power and flexibility at an incredible value.

HEADPHONE OUTPUTS:  Two headphone jacks are provided for connecting headphones

1. 1/4” Headphone out

2. 1/4” Headphone out

MASTER OUTPUTS:  Signals are matched on Master Outputs, on XLR and 1/4 “ outputs

MIX Left 1/4” & XLR OUT


AuxOutputs:  8 x dbx® (AFS2) Automatic Feedback Suppression XLR Aux Outputs

The Ui series features dbx® AFS2 on all AUX outputs feeding stage monitors. dbx® AFS2 is a feedback suppression system that uses 12 intelligent filters to detect and eliminate feedback across the audio spectrum.

MasterLevel:  headphone volume

Both headphone jacks share a single level control.


Master outputs have individual level controls, controlling both XLR and ¼” main outputs.

Inputs:  22 simultaneous inputs (10 combo/XLR, 10 XLR, 2 line level)

Ui24R offers comprehensive connections, including 10 combo/XLR, 10 XLR, and 2 line level inputs for a total of 22 simultaneous inputs and 2 channels of USB mix playback, for a total of 24. With a host of high-quality connections, Ui24R gives venues, bands and engineers room to grow, while expanding their creative technology options.

  2 Channels of DigiTech Guitar/Amp Modeling

Easily connect a guitar or bass to a your choice of included effects, created by DigiTech.

  10 combo/XLR

1-10 inputs are Studer designed combo/XLR jacks, for ¼” line lever or microphone inputs.

  10 XLR

Inputs 11-20 are Studer designed XLR microphone inputs.


Unbalanced line level inputs can be used for connecting consumer audio playback devices, for playback between performances.

Media:  Multichannel USB playback interface


Ui24R includes an audio file player, for music between performances, or triggering backing tracks to play along with during performances.

Media:  Multichannel USB recording interface

USB record

Ui24R is more than just a complete mixing system — it’s also a top-notch recording tool. Record a stereo mix, plus all 22 multitrack inputs directly to a USB drive.

Media:  Multichannel USB computer interface


USB I/F is a USB B style jack for connecting Ui24R as a multi-channel audio interface with a computer’s digital audio workstation software. This allows you to multi-track record or playback through the 22 audio ins and 10 audio outs, in either a live environment, or in a project recording studio.


Easily connect to your device of choice with the built in Wi-Fi, no dongles or additional peripherals needed. Ability to connect to multiple bands helps achieve more robust connectivity in a variety of environments.


The Ethernet connection is provided for connecting to local area networks.


Connect a 1920x1080 computer monitor or HD television for a larger view of the Ui24R user interface.

USB 1 & USB 2 (Type A)

Connect a mouse and/or keyboard for use with your HDMI monitor display.


Connect a music keyboard type pedal for controlling your choice of functions, including play, record, multi-track record, etc.


To reset the network settings only, press in the button while powering on the Ui24R, and hold for 10 seconds.