Most ergonomic, user-friendly and best-sounding

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Soundcraft Vi6™ has been acclaimed as one of the most ergonomic, user-friendly and best-sounding large format digital console around. Audio quality is assured thanks to the integration of a proven DSP engine and algorithms from sister company STUDER.

Now firmly established on riders and in performance venues around the world, the Soundcraft Vi6™ has been acclaimed as one of the most ergonomic, user-friendly and best-sounding large format digital console around. Audio quality is assured thanks to the integration of a proven DSP engine and algorithms from sister company STUDER, who's digital broadcast consoles like Vista™ and On-Air 3000™ are highly respected in national, state and independent broadcast studios and OB trucks throughout the world.

Ergonomically, the Vi6 offers a wonderfully inviting user experience, thanks to the patented Vistonics™ II 'knobs-on-glass' channel strip interface. As another innovation from STUDER, Vistonics™ provides an incredibly tactile 'where you look is where you control' operating philosophy which combines the speed of access and visibility of controls of an analogue desk with the power of icon-based graphics and fully recallable settings that can only come from a digital console. The provision of 32 input faders plus a 12-fader master section makes changing layers much less frequent, enhancing the speed of operation, and world-class effects and processing from Lexicon and BSS completes the picture.

The Vi6 offers connectivity to almost every type of digital audio format out there, via integration of Studer's D21m modular IO system, and comes complete with a modular remote Stagebox with a choice of either optical or copper connection to the main console. 


Audio Channels

  • Max number of simultaneous mixing channels
    96 mono inputs into 35 Outputs. Pairs of mono inputs can be linked to create stereo channels.
  • Insert points
    24 insert send/return pairs can be configured (using available I/O) and assigned to any of the 96 inputs or 35 output channels.
  • Direct Outputs
    All 96 input channels can have direct outputs in addition to their internal bus routing, assuming sufficient I/O is available (eg optical MADI card).
  • Busses
    32 Grp/Aux/Matrix, plus main LCR Mix and LR Solo busses (maximum of 16 matrix outputs can be configured).



  • Connection from local rack to stagebox: Standard fit: Cat5 or Cat7 cable, with Amphenol RJF connectors. Optional: Fibre Optical interface card (additional cost).
  • Max distance, local rack to stagebox: 100m using Soundcraft-approved flexible reel-mounted Cat5 cable, 130m using Cat7 permanent installation cable.
  • GPIO facility: There are 16 GPIO contact closure inputs and outputs on the local rack, and 8 inputs and outputs on the stagebox.
  • MIDI: There is 1 MIDI In and 2 MIDI Outs on the rear of the control surface.


Offline Editor - Virtual Vi

To compliment the Soundcraft Vi6, an offline editor (Virtual Vi) is available. See below in Downloads section.


Controls for Mute Group (x 4) and VCA Group (x 16) assignment. Controls for assignment of Vistonics rows to bus sends (when channel parameters are not selected to Vistonics). Snapshot automation controls. Talkback controls. Controls for Monitor Output level, phones level and Solo Trim and blend level. 


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Frequency Response - Stagebox Mic input to Line output +0/-1dB, 20Hz-20kHz
AES/EBU In to AES/EBU Out +0/-0.2dB, 20Hz-20kHz
THD+Noise 22Hz-22kHz
Stagebox Mic In (min gain) to Local Line Out <0.003% @ 1kHz
Stagebox Mic In (max gain) to Local Line Out <0.020% @ 1kHz
Local Line In to Line Out <0.003% @ 1kHz
Mic Input E.I.N <-126dBu (150Ω source); 22Hz-22kHz bandwidth, unweighted
Residual Noise -95dBu - Stagebox line output; no inputs routed, Mix fader @0dB
CMRR 80dB @ 1kHz
Sampling Frequency 48kHz
Latency: Stagebox Mic Input to Local Line output < 2ms @48kHz
AES/EBU Input Sample Rate 32–108kHz (with SRC enabled)
DSP Resolution 40-bit floating point
Internal Clock Accuracy < +/- 50ppm
Internal Clock Jitter < +/- 5ns
External Sync BNC Wordclock, AES/EBU sync in, Video sync in
Input & Output Levels - Mic Inputs +28dBu max
Input & Output Levels - Line Inputs +22dBu max
Input & Output Levels - Line Outputs +22dBu max
Input & Output Levels - Nominal Operating Level +4dBu (-18dBFS)
Input & Output Impedances - Mic Inputs 2k7Ω
Input & Output Impedances - All other analogue Inputs >10kΩ
Input & Output Impedances - Line Outputs <75Ω
Input & Output Impedances - AES/EBU Outputs 110Ω
Oscillator 20Hz to 20kHz/Pink/White Noise, variable level
Stagebox HP Filter 80Hz fixed, 12dB per octave
Channel HP filter 20Hz-600Hz, 18dB per octave
Channel LP filter 1kHz-20kHz, 18dB per octave
EQ (Inputs and Bus Outputs) - HF 20Hz-20kHz, +/-18dB, Q= 0.3-8.7 or shelving
EQ (Inputs and Bus Outputs) - Hi-Mid 20Hz-20kHz, +/-18dB, Q=0.3-8.7
EQ (Inputs and Bus Outputs) - Lo-Mid 20Hz-20kHz, +/-18dB, Q=0.3-8.7
EQ (Inputs and Bus Outputs) - LF 20Hz-20kHz, +/-18dB, Q= 0.3-8.7 or shelving
Metering Internal 20-segment LED bargraphs plus 9-segment gain reduction meters for all inputs and Outputs. Peak hold variable from 0-2s.
Mains Voltage Operating Range 90-264V, 47-63Hz, auto-ranging
Mains Power Consumption - Control Surface 155W (165W with redundant option)
Mains Power Consumption - Local Rack 140W (150W with redundant option)
Mains Power Consumption - Stagebox 140W (150W with redundant option)
Internal Mass Storage 16GB SSD Hard Drive
Temperature/Humidity Range - Operating Temperature Range 0°C – 45°C (32°F – 113°F)
Temperature/Humidity Range - Relative Humidity 0% – 90%, non-condensing Ta=40°C (104°F)
Temperature/Humidity Range - Storage Temperature Range -20°C – 60°C (-4°F – 140°F)
Height (without Flightcase) Control Surface - 326mm (12.8"); Local Rack - 445mm (17.5"); Stagebox - 356mm (14")
Width (without Flightcase) Control Surface - 1742mm (68.6"); Local Rack - 482mm (19"); Stagebox - 482mm (19")
Depth (without Flightcase) Control Surface - 725mm (28.5"); Local Rack - 380mm* (15"); Stagebox - 380mm** (15") *Minimum space requirement for Local Rack is 570mm (22.4") ** Minimum space requirement for Stagebox is 490mm (19.3")
Weight (without Flightcase) Control Surface - 63kg (139lb); Local Rack - 25kg (55lb); Stagebox - 16kg (35lb)
Height (with factory flightcase) Control Surface - 938mm (36.9"); Local Rack - 780mm (30.7"); Stagebox - 780mm (30.7")
Width (with factory flightcase) Control Surface - 1823mm (71.8"); Local Rack - 754mm (29.6"); Stagebox - 754mm (29.6")
Depth (with factory flightcase) Control Surface - 467mm (18.4"); Local Rack - 568mm (22.3"); Stagebox - 568mm (22.3")
Weight (with factory flightcase) Control Surface - 167kg (367lb); Local Rack - 50kg (110lb); Stagebox - 50kg (110lb)