Studio Metronome, New Hampshire

The Challenge:

Studio Metronome in Brookline, New Hampshire wanted an audio upgrade that would produce higher-quality sound, portability and a smaller footprint. Studio Manager Brendan Connors also records live shows at remote locations, having worked with a number of world-famous artists, including The Pixies, Peter Frampton and Black Eyed Peas. Connors was looking for a world-class, space-efficient console to minimize outboard gear and allow for a lighter load-out when traveling to and preparing for live shows.

The Solution:

Studio Metronome ultimately decided on HARMAN’s Soundcraft Si Expression 3. Connors was impressed with the digital capabilities and said the Si Expression 3 provided top-tier sound with a smaller footprint than other consoles in its price range.

Connors also creates real-time broadcast mixes while multi-tracking the concerts for touring artists, allowing him to deliver properly mixed and mastered CDs immediately after the show. He was thrilled at how ergonomic the Si Expression 3 proved to be, allowing him to deliver flawless mixes and keep track of every element of the recording.

The Impact:

“I enjoy the layout, and it’s been a pleasure to work on such an ergonomic board. Coming from a Yamaha console, I really enjoy the intent behind the layout. I basically mixed a show with the Si Expression one-and-a-half hours after I took it out of the box. Also, I love the FaderGlow™ feature, because it makes it easy for me to separate monitors from effects with just a glance. The intuitiveness of the board allows me to provide more comprehensive services for my clients.” – Brendan Connors, House Engineer, Studio Metronome

HARMAN Products:

Audio Console

  • HARMAN Soundcraft Si Expression 3

Studio Metronome