Parklane Hotel, Cyprus

The Opportunity

Parklane Hotel is a luxury resort featuring first-rate accommodations from lifestyle suites to private villas. Formerly Le Meridien Hotel, the building was purchased in 2015 by Marriott, who commissioned a complete overhaul of all communications and AV technology. Parklane Hotel hired ALA Equipment Company to renovate key facilities including the Diamond Ballroom, Park Room, Meeting Rooms and Kids Club, as well as other ancillary areas and guest suites.

The Solution

To deliver a world-class experience, ALA installed a complete HARMAN audio system featuring JBL Professional loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers, BSS signal processors and AKG microphones.

ALA selected a range of JBL Professional loudspeakers to provide high-quality sound throughout the hotel. More than 2,000 JBL Control 25, Control SB2210, Control 47HC, Control 24C, Control 26C and Control 19CS loudspeakers and subwoofers were installed throughout the hotel, enabling staff to create a relaxed atmosphere by broadcasting ambient music. Additional JBL Control 126W and Control 128W in-wall loudspeakers provide even coverage on the first floor. Audio systems installed in the gyms, spas and other recreational areas deliver class-leading JBL sound quality throughout the hotel, while JBL Control 80 Series landscape loudspeakers installed in the external areas of the hotel provide extended coverage surrounding the swimming pools and outside bars.

The entire system is networked with BSS Soundweb London signal processors via a combination of Dante and HARMAN’s proprietary BLU Link protocol. More than 300 BSS Soundweb London units are used throughout the installation, with 200 additional BLU-BIB and BLU-BOB expanders increasing the capacity. More than 500 amplifiers power the system, including Crown I-Tech HD12000, HD5000 and HD9000 amplifiers, as well as Crown DCi Series multi-channel network-connected amplifiers.

In the Diamond Ballroom, the main PA system includes JBL VTX V20 line arrays, which provide exceptional volume and clarity. A JBL VRX 932LA/918S subwoofer cluster and VTX G28 subwoofers deliver powerful bass response. JBL VerTec VT48867/VT4887A and AC28/95 speakers provide additional flexibility for a wide range of applications, including concerts, corporate presentations, private events and more. For stage monitoring, JBL VTX M22 speakers offer an elegant, low-profile design and focused sound for performers. JBL VRX 932LA/918S line array speakers and CBT70J column speakers are deployed throughout the room to provide clear and balanced coverage.

Additionally, the 800-capacity Park Room was outfitted with JBL VRX Series loudspeakers and Control 47HC ceiling speakers to provide additional coverage and improve speech intelligibility.

ALA selected Soundcraft Vi3000 mixing consoles for front-of-house and monitor mixing, with MADI Stage Boxes providing onstage inputs. The Soundcraft Vi3000 features extensive rear-panel connectivity for a full range of analog or digital inputs and outputs, as well as 74 industry-standard plug-ins, making it an ideal mixing and monitoring console. There is also a pair of Soundcraft Signature 12 analog desks for auxiliary use, which incorporate Soundcraft’s iconic Ghost mic preamps to deliver high headroom, wide dynamic range and exceptional resolution. ALA provided AKG DSR800 wireless mics with Dante connectivity and integrated digital signal processing, including a low-cut filter, three-band equalizer, compressor and limiter.

Outside the hotel meeting rooms, ALA installed a complement of Samsung Commercial Displays connected to a MagicInfo server, allowing users to display information on the monitor. Inside, Samsung LED displays offer video conferencing capabilities and Samsung’s portable Flip display provides an interactive touchscreen digital display for easy collaboration. JBL Control 47HC high ceiling speakers minimize room reflections, increasing intelligibility. AKG wireless microphones provide freedom of movement and can connect to multiple rooms.

The game-changing technology renovations took six years and millions of dollars, ultimately transforming Parklane Hotel into a part of Marriott’s Luxury Collection. This project has been recognized globally by winning an Innovation Award for “Best Hospitality Project” in 2020.

The Impact

“This installation has really put Cyprus on the map,” said Theofilos Lakkas, Food and Beverage Director, Parklane Hotel. “Technology-wise, it ranks alongside hotels in Las Vegas.”

“HARMAN is thrilled to be associated with Parklane Hotel, an award-winning resort where guests can enjoy a world-class holiday experience accompanied by JBL audio solutions,” said Justin Hankey, Sales Manager, Installed Sound, HARMAN Professional Solutions, EMEA. “The comprehensive JBL Professional audio system is the largest installation in the region, solidifying Parklane Hotel as a global destination. We thank our partner ALA Equipment Company for their technical expertise and superb attention to detail.”