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For product under warranty

UK customers should in the first instance contact the dealer who sold the equipment. If any difficulty is experienced, please contact our Customer Services Department in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire:
T: + 44 (0) 1707 665000

USA Customers should contact Soundcraft USA:
T: 800.622.6983

Outside the UK and USA, customers are requested to contact their territorial distributor who is able to offer support in the local time zone and language. Please click here to find the nearest Soundcraft near you.

Please always remember to include your full address and telephone number with all enquiries. 

For product out of warranty

For out-of-warranty consoles purchased in the United Kingdom, please contact the Customer Services Department at the factory in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire: Telephone +44 (0)1707 665000.
For all other out-of-warranty consoles, please contact the appropriate territorial distributor. Please click here to find the nearest Soundcraft near you.

When mailing or faxing please remember to give as much information as possible. This should include your name, address & a daytime telephone number.

Should you experience any difficulty please contact Customer Services Department
We can: 

assist with problems (both remotely & in the field)
provide technical training & on-site commissioning for complex products
carry out service, repairs & certain modifications
provide a spares & documentation service for many of our older products
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