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Analogue/Digital: Digital
Frame Sizes: 64 96
Stereo Channels: variable
Digital I/O: Yes
FX Processors: 8
Groups: 32
EQ Bands: 4
Aux Sends: 32
Returns: 0
Direct Outputs: Yes
Matrix Outputs: 16
Main Bus Out: LRC

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Soundcraft Vi6

Vi Series 96 2 Mix


In a series of introductions that will further extend the remarkable success of the Soundcraft Vi Series, Soundcraft introduced 96 and 72 channel upgrades to the Vi6 and Vi4 respectively. According to Andy Trott, President Soundcraft and Studer, the new additions will make the Vi6 and Vi4 an even more potent and versatile tool for front of house and monitor engineers in a vast array of tour and fixed install applications including large Houses of Worship. The input-to-mix expansion is part of the new V3.0 software release.

"Never before has so much power and versatility been accompanied by such an easily navigable, application-engineered user interface," Trott said today. "We are very pleased to expand the Vi Series and from our continuous discussions with members of the engineering community, we’re confident that the 96-channel and 72-channel variants will resonate strongly with the market."

Appreciated worldwide for its advanced Vistonics™ II user interface, the Soundcraft Vi Series provides engineers with a very intuitive operation via a touchscreen color TFT monitor with integral rotary controls and switches mounted on the glass that provide engineers with a unique 'where you look is where you control' working philosophy.

The Vi Series is also known for its stunning sonic performance, boasting an impressive input-to-mix capacity of 64 or 48 channels, mapped out on 32 or 24 motorized faders for the Vi6 and Vi4 respectively. These can be assigned to 32 or 24 outputs (plus a stereo and mono mix) that can be any combination of group and aux buses. Up to 16 matrix outputs can be configured from the pool of buses.

The Soundcraft Vi6 will now be available in 64 or 96 input models (the Vi4 having 48 or 72 inputs), while existing consoles can be upgraded with the purchase of an additional DSP card. The 96 channels to mix (for the Vi6) can then comprise the 64 stagebox mic/line inputs, the 16 line inputs on the local rack, and the 8 stereo Lexicon effects returns. The ‘additional’ 32 inputs will be assigned to Fader Bank C on the surface. Alternatively a second stagebox can be added to bring in mic/line inputs from the stage to all 96 input channels. Through desk patching, the inputs can also encompass the 64 MADI channels, or 16 AES/EBU inputs. Further options are available for expanding the I/O to use additional remote stageboxes, or other audio formats.

Another highly significant feature of the V3.0 upgrade is that the Vi4 will now be able to access all 35 output busses, with the addition of 8 busses fixed in 'Aux' mode, and this feature does not require the additional DSP card.

For more information on the Vi Series Software v3.0, click here.

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