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Analogue/Digital: Digital
Frame Sizes: 64 96
Stereo Channels: variable
Digital I/O: Yes
FX Processors: 8
Groups: 32
EQ Bands: 4
Aux Sends: 32
Returns: 0
Direct Outputs: Yes
Matrix Outputs: 16
Main Bus Out: LRC

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Soundcraft Vi6

Control Surface


32 input faders, switchable in 2 fixed layers to access 64 inputs.

Additional ‘User Definable’ layers x 3, channel order can be customised on these.

Vistonics™ II channel strip interface x 4, each Vistonics controls 8 input channels.

The Vistonics II interface contains 16 real knobs and switches and a touch screen.

Fader tray contains (per input channel) motorised fader, Mute, Solo, Isolate and F (user defined) switches, plus one assignable rotary encoder with LED ring. This encoder is globally assignable to Gain, Pan, Gate Threshold, or one of 2 user-definable parameters.

Input level and gain reduction meter is located above each fader.

Input faders can be switched to control all 32 Grp/Aux/Matrix Outputs, or can control an individual Aux send mix, using the switchable ‘Follow Solo’ function.



  8 assignable Output faders, plus 3 dedicated LR and C Master faders, plus 16 assignable rotary Output faders.

Output faders can be assigned to the VCA (control group) masters.

Single Vistonics II interface for Output processing control, also functions as complete meter overview display for all Inputs & Outputs, plus snapshot Cue List and diagnostics info display.

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