Jun 22, 2009

Houses of Worship

theMovement Opts For The Power Of The Soundcraft® Si2 For Worship Celebrations

--theMovement, a non-denominational church based in San Marcos, CA, has chosen the new Soundcraft Si2 digital console as the heart of its sound system upgrade. Crucial in the decision-making process were three key things: sound quality, DSP power and ease of use, as the church was going with a digital console for the first time.

“The church here is very much into high-tech gear” reports Chris Matthews, an engineer of over 15 years standing. “We needed a console that had the sound quality and the power to be able to use all gates and compressors and EQs at one time. We wanted a console with history behind it and Soundcraft does have this because of the Vi6, and they work with Studer. Can’t go wrong there!”

Chris likes the ease of use of the Si2. “The feature I like the most is that there are no real pages I have to go to in order to get an aux or EQ etc. I don’t have to rely on a screen to tell me what’s up!”

“We looked at a couple of digital boards, but I was not caught up in the ‘trend’ consoles – just because everyone else has one does not make it a great board or even a great sounding board.”

“So the Si2 has a great sound, Studer in part helping. How can I go wrong? I can’t!”

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