May 30, 2008


"World's Largest Amusement Park" Goes Digital With Harman Pro

--With its massive indoor theme park, and outdoor amusement park the Lotte World recreational complex in Seoul, South Korea, is the largest themed attraction in the world. The site also features an island linked by monorail, various shopping malls, a hotel, Korean folk museums, sports facilities and movie theatres.

Needing to upgrade its communication architecture, Lotte World recently commissioned an all-new digital infrastructure, based entirely round Harman Pro components. At the hub of the distribution system are no fewer than 46 x Soundweb London DSP devices, which take charge of the background music and all live performances and route the output digitally to every zone in the complex. The signals are mixed through a Soundcraft Vi6™ in the main technical room, with a further Vi4 handling FOH and monitor mixing on the main Garden Stage.

As a result of this advanced CobraNet™ package, an improved signal quality has been achieved and the status of every device on the digital network can be monitored and any fault logged.

Harman Pro’s Korean distributors, Sovico Corporation, report “We suggested to the operators a combination of BSS Audio Soundweb London and Soundcraft Vi series digital consoles because Lotte World wanted digital signal transmission long-distance. Furthermore, they needed a digital console with a large number of outputs. This enabled us to design a system in which the digital audio sources could be sent to each device from the AES/EBU outputs of the main console.

Over on the amusement rides, both wired and wireless mics (as well as BGM players) can be connected directly to Soundweb London, for master control in the main technical room.

Powered by Crown CTs amplifiers (fitted with PIP-Lite cards), JBL VP series Parade ground speakers and VerTec 4888DP series on the Garden Stage have been fitted with CN cards, enabling them to receive CobraNet digital audio sources. On the outdoor stages — the Young Stage and Lake Side Stage — Soundweb London devices are used as a loudspeaker management system to control and optimise the performance of the JBL PD5322 and JBL ASB6128 sub-woofers.

The Soundcraft Vi6 is stationed in the main technical room. Since this is where all the BGM and parade music is controlled (and announcements are made), a large output capacity was required to enable signal sources to be sent to 12 parade towers, 12 parade cars, shopping mall, ice rink, and each zone in the Park.

Here, the Vi6 engineer also faces a large plasma screen which displays a custom control interface created using the HiQnet™ London Architect software. Through the custom control panels the engineer has full control over the whole Soundweb London system and can manage the audio in any location in the park. Performances can be monitored and settings adjusted as required.

At present, 32 outputs on the Vi6 are in use. The console is connected to a pair of Soundweb London devices through AES/EBU and line outputs; one of them is fitted with four AES/EBU input cards (providing 16 inputs) from the 12 parade towers, Garden Stage and Laser Show while the other has three analogue input cards and an AES/EBU output card (for the parade cars and each zones in the park). Sound sources for the parade towers (and the most important zones) are distributed via CobraNet. The sound sources for the parade cars etc are linked by the Stage Box’s line outputs, with the AES/EBU output of the BLU-80 connected to the AES/EBU input of the Vi6 — which handles the laser show audio source.

The Vi6’s Snapshot function is proving particularly helpful to the engineers. Lotte World stages a large number of performances throughout the park and operators create snapshots for all shows. As a result they are now able to control every tower and the outputs of each zone with ease — managing everything through the Vi6.

The Vi4 is located at Lotte World’s main Garden Stage where it is used as an FOH and monitor console for the character shows, musicals and live concerts. The Vi4 is connected to a pair of Soundweb London BLU-80 devices via CobraNet; the first BLU-80 is attached to AES/EBU input cards to feed the JBL VerTecs, while the second BLU-80 has line input/output cards to allowing it to control the parade speakers and Garden Stage surround speakers.

Lotte World is one of 15 sites in Korea featuring Soundcraft’s Vi Series consoles — but the first to integrate both boards into a single installation.

Others include The Church of the Lord, Seong-Seok Church, Dong-An Church, Sang-Sang Madang, Gunpo Art Center, Planet Sound, Hosanna Sound, Magic Sound, and many more.

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