Sep 01, 2001


WE Audio Adds New Soundcraft Monitor Desk

--Wayne Barker of WE AUDIO has recently bought his third Soundcraft touring console in barely 18 months, a direct consequence of the phenomenon of Jane McDonald which has now become a key account for the Oxfordshire-based sound rental company.

Formerly a cabaret entertainer on a cruise ship, Jane McDonald achieved national prominence when she featured in a fly-on-the-wall television documentary about life on the high seas. Recently, she has performed with the BBC Symphony Orchestra at the International Festival of the Sea, attended by 350,000 people at the Portsmouth Naval Yard.

WE Audio has bought a new Soundcraft Series FIVE Monitor to service her forthcoming UK tour, although the desk has already been used on gigs around the country, including a show at Harewood House in Harrogate; with 140 inputs necessary to mix McDonald and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by David Arnold, Wayne Barker had to bus-link his 48-input Series FIVE front-of-house desk to a second 32-input Series FIVE.

Wayne Barker is front-of-house engineer for Jane McDonald, with Pete Howard mixing monitors. "Jane's success has been very good for WE Audio," says Barker. "When she starts her six-week UK tour in October, we'll be using all Soundcraft consoles on the shows, including the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London. We do favour British equipment; we're totally blue on the speakers (Turbosound), all the control is XTA, and all the gear has been bought from Marquee Audio. I guess I'm a creature of habit; I like the sound of the British desks, I like the people and the support I get from Soundcraft and from Spencer Brookes at Marquee."

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