Jun 12, 2009

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Volkswagen Shifts Gears With Soundcraft® Vi6 Digital Console At New Factory Opening in India

--Volkswagen, Europe’s largest vehicle manufacturer, recently opened the doors of new corporate factory in Chakan, India, with one of the year’s most prestigious corporate launches. Sound engineers from India’s selected the Soundcraft® Vi6 digital console to mix the high-profile event. The Volkswagen launch event in India required a versatile and intuitive board and the engineer, Fali Damania, flawlessly mixed the event with the assistance of the patented Vistonics™ interface of the Vi6. Managing Director, Warren D’souza, noted that the success of the event would set a new benchmark for the Indian sound industry to live up to and states, “Many managers pitched for this project and the entire industry was anxious to see how well this event would be executed.” D’souza continues, “The production of the show needed to be flawless, which is why we selected the Soundcraft Vi6.”

The sound installation for the Volkswagen launch was completed four days before the event, allowing Damania to familiarize himself with the Vi6 and its vast array of features and components. “This was actually my first time working on this console so I was initially nervous going into the gig, but to be honest, the console is laid out so intuitively that I mastered the console after only a few hours,” commented Damania.

The Soundcraft Vi6 supported the sound system used for the executive presentations during the factory launch and also mixed the post-ceremony events in Chakan. The Vi6 allowed the engineer to pair channels vertically and horizontally, as well as quickly assign and distribute inputs and outputs, which enabled Damania to seamlessly engineer the show.

“The opportunities are endless with the Soundcraft Vi6 and I absolutely love the bank of eight faders to the right of the Master section,” added Damania. “I used those eight faders and vertically paired them to the same 8 faders in the next bank and used them for all media playback, which was a tremendous advantage. I was also able to speak directly to the PA system with Preset 2, talk to the stage monitors with Preset 3 and talk to various zones in the arena by simply toggling whichever zone I wanted to speak to,” concluded Damania.

The Volkswagen factory in Chakan, located 100 miles southeast of Mumbai, will increase employment by 2,500 employees and will also produce 110,000 vehicles annually for the thriving Indian market.

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