Mar 14, 2006

Music Venues


--A Portuguese bar and restaurant owner is winning new custom not only because of the instalaltion of a new sushi bar, but also the DJ’s flocking to see his new UREI 1620LE classic rotary mixer.

Paulo Portela, owner of the Avenida bar and restaurant in the tourist village of Cascais, knows that it is the combination of excellent cuisine and high-quality music that has people flocking from Lisbon, 25km away.

When it opened 13 years ago the restaurant only served grilled steaks and fresh fish — but they recently made great improvements in both the menu and the décor, ensuring that both are always changing in keeping with the seasons.

At the beginning of this year he installed a Sushi Lab, and being a fan of old-school sound systems, at the same time he set out to look for a UREI 1620LE for his own use.

Having spoken with the ‘Tech Talk Gearheads’ from New York online, they confirmed that the UREI 1620 LE would faithfully reproduce the classic UREI rotary mixer sound he was seeking.

All it needed was for him to re-establish contact with CCP, Soundcraft’s Portuguese distributor, of whom he has been a long-time customer, and place the order.

As a result, he says, after dinner the restaurant now converts effortlessly into a music bar. “Sometimes we organise special events and I invite local DJ´s to ‘play’ with my toys.

“Every day we get a different mood going and sometimes, we also provide electronic jams with live musicians,” he says.

And the classic UREI sound, he says, is simply amazing. “The first impression from the DJ´s is that they are surprised because it doesn’t have an EQ. But, after a few minutes working with UREI this impression disappears, and they love it!”

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