May 01, 2003


Trui Espectáculos Acquires 48-Channel Series 5 and SM20 to Maintain Best Sound in the Balearics

--Since 1976 Trui Espectáculos has been systematically specialising in providing a total entertainment package in the Balearic archipelago.

They also became the first company to offer sound reinforcement equipment to artists visiting the islands when managing director Miquel Jaume Perez realised that when top artists came across from the Peninsula they had to carry their own production. This posed a double complication - of time (because marine transport could take up to three days), and cost.

Thus Trui Espectáculos decided to invest in its own equipment and contacted distributors, Lexon S.A, who have now been supplying professional audio equipment to them for the past 18 years.

Trui's first acquisition was a 32-channel Soundcraft 200B and this was swiftly followed by two 40-channel Soundcraft 500's - one for PA and other for monitors. Later they acquired a 40-channel Vienna and an SM12 for monitors. This month they added 48-channel Series Five (FOH) and SM20 (monitors), although Miguel Jaume says that they lovingly preserve that first 32-channel Soundcraft desk like an antique.

Miquel says that the latest acquisition is in line with their policy of continual upgrade and response to artists' and engineers' changing demands.

His faith in Soundcraft is echoed by Cristóbal Esbert, technical head of Trui Espectáculos for the past 25 years, who backed the decision to add top-of-the-range desks to their inventory - particularly in the case of Series Five. "Characteristics such as the totally parametric equalisation, the multiple channel inputs, the 10 VCA's, as well as the general functionality and clear design make this desk very easy to work." In general, he says, the Soundcraft badge is a mark of reliability, comfort and easy handling.

According to Miquel Jaume, the Series Five will now meet the increasing technical demands from all engineers and bands who visit the islands.

"Soundcraft have never given us any problems and as a brand, it is universally accepted by all engineering professionals. In fact it was the technicians themselves who requested we purchase the Series 5."

But it has not only been Spain's leading singers and groups who have been mixed through Soundcraft. Numerous international artists have worked in the Balearics with Soundcraft boards, including Joe Cocker, Alan Parsons, Chistopher Cross, America, Al Stewart, Ella Fitzgerald, Lionel Hampton, Chick Corea and Ricky Martin among others.

On the national scene artists such as Juan Manuel Serrat, Victor Manuel y Ana Belén, Miguel Ríos, Mecano, Alejandro Sanz, Sergio Dalma, Presuntos Implicados and Tomeu Peña have all had their sound mixed through Soundcraft.

The new Soundcraft desks debuted on May 1 with the Spanish group Dangerous Friendships in Las Salinas, and will appear again on May 16 with Loquillo and Rosendo in the same venue.

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