Feb 01, 2001


“This One's For Me”

--Dave Middleton, a Project Manager for leading corporate presentation company Imagination Ltd., has acquired a Soundcraft 324 Live for use with his own personal live equipment rig. In addition to a great-sounding console, portability and feature set were his main purchasing criteria.

“The main reason I went digital was to make my life easy” admits Middleton. “The 324 Live will be used as part of my own compact rig. It’s very light, and offers amazing features for its size. Each time I find myself wishing there was something extra it could do, I dig a little deeper and find that it already has that feature!”

In addition to the host of useful features available on the console, Middleton was also impressed by the speed at which he could make the transition to mixing on the 324 Live.

“I’ve been around analogue consoles for a long time,” he explains, “but never tried a digital desk. Someone suggested the 324 Live, and I was delighted with the simplicity of the interface.”

“Anyone with experience of analogue mixers should have no problem making the transition to this console,” he continued. “Within a few minutes of opening the box I was up and running, and had sound through the speakers.”

The 324 Live console will be used mainly for local dramatic and musical events, and sound reinforcement for live bands. Middleton was impressed to find that the 324 Live offered so much at a price that was affordable as a private purchase.

“The quality of sound is fabulous”, he enthuses, “and the routing possibilities are great. This console will soon be used for Pantomime, and its capabilities will be perfect for that environment.”

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