Sep 02, 2000

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The Zephyr Takes Off with Twin Soundcrafts

--The Zephyr in downtown Salt Lake City is widely considered to be Utah’s premier live music venue for regionally and nationally touring bands. The nightclub’s lofty reputation has now been raised even higher with the recent upgrade of its sound system, which is topped off by a new pair of Soundcraft consoles - a 48-channel Series FIVE on front-of-house and a 44-channel/24-bus FIVE Monitor on monitors.

“I wanted to put in the best system in the state, if not the inner-mountain west,” says Otto Mileti, owner of The Zephyr. “Our setup here now is every bit as good as the best clubs in Los Angeles, and the two Soundcraft consoles are a big part of that. We purchased the Series FIVE and FIVE Monitor because we wanted the bands and their engineers to all say ‘wow’ when they came in - and they do. So far, we’re the only ones in the region with a FIVE Monitor”.

Gary Wanlass, The Zephyr’s primary house engineer, adds, “Everyone that has come in recently to run sound has really liked our new Soundcrafts, especially those engineers that had mixed on our previous system. There are so many things to like about the two boards - the VCAs, EQ, sound and ease of use. They’re great desks, and reasonably priced, too, for what you get.

“Our former monitor console here at The Zephyr was a 32-channel Soundcraft 500B, which I’m actually buying from the club since it’s still a terrific mixer,” Wanlass continues. “The Series FIVE and FIVE Monitor have many of the features that I always appreciated on the 500B, such as parametrics on all of the outputs. But there are also many additional amenities, particularly on the monitor board - things like the variety of solo modes accessed through the Input Priority and Auto Cancel buttons. Features like this make these desks such a pleasure to use”.

Aside from the two Soundcraft consoles, the club also recently installed a full complement of Crown amplifiers - Macro-Techs on the front-of-house system, with Micro-Techs for monitors. The system is further rounded out by an EAW KF650 rig - flown three cabinets per side - two JBL subs positioned under the stage, EAW SM500iV stage monitors and a menagerie of new signal processing gear.

In the few short months since the desks went in, The Zephyr has hosted an impressive roster of acts, including Cracker, Chris Duarte, Alejandro Escovedo, Michelle Shocked, Cowboy Mouth, Nash Kato, Vic Chestnutt, Kristin Hersh, John Doe, Victoria Williams, Superdrag, and John Mayall & The Bluesbrakers, among others. Other acts scheduled to soon appear at the club include Burning Spear, Gov’t Mule, The Paladins, Emmylou Harris, Junior Brown, Chris Whitley, and Young Dubliners.

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