Sep 01, 2000

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The Spirit of Radiohead

--Radiohead’s recent sold-out European Tour was a showcase for Soundcraft consoles, Jim Warren was mixing at FOH on a Series FIVE desk with a Spirit 324 Live digital console to sub-mix and MIDI-control the effects...

Jim Warren recalls how he came to discover the 324 Live,

“I was working on a project with a Spirit 328 and there was a need for full dynamic automation. Soundcraft told me that there was a live version coming out so I went to see David Harman and he showed me around it. It did everything I needed and it was a definite improvement on the 328 in terms of live use. It’s less based on synchronisation and more based on recalling patches by hand”.

“For one venue I might need a little more reverb on the drums, and I just choose the patch and push up the fader. If that sound turns out to be one that’ll work elsewhere, I just hit the Store button and it’s there for the rest of the tour. I thought there’d be so many variations between venues, but pretty soon I arrived at a range of patches that have been surprisingly accurate wherever we go”.

Another advantage to Warren has been the instant resetting after each song of outboard effects.

“It was always a nightmare as the last chord of one song was dying away on Jonny Greenwood’s guitar and Thom picked up the acoustic and went straight into the next one, because there’s no time to run over the effects rack and call everything up. It’s the 324 that takes care of that now - the program change goes from the Series FIVE, selects a snapshot on the 324, and the 324 sends out messages to all the effects units”.

Interview courtesy Diana Scrimgeour and Total Production Magazine

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