Jul 01, 2000

Music Venues

The Spirit of Fabric

--Fabric, London’s premier superclub, has swapped its Spirit Digital 328 for a 324 Live. The desk, which is used when required in any of the club’s three main rooms, serves as a front of house or monitoring console for the many live acts that perform there and is also available for the more adventurous DJs.

The man responsible for Fabric’s technical requirements is Production Manager Dave Parry. He explains the choice of desk;

“We need a digital desk because we’re going to start a lot of internet broadcasting in the near future. The sound will be going straight down the line so a digital signal will be very handy".

“The fact that the 324 Live is small is very important. Its size means it can act as a front of house console in Room 3 or a monitor desk in the other two rooms. We’ve had A Man Called Adam, Breakbeat Era and The Lightning Seeds all play here recently. We’re trying to encourage more dance acts to play live".

“We have a couple of in house engineers here. They spec what we get. Roberto Pieroni looks after all the live acts. We have a lot of Soundcraft gear already so the Spirit was an obvious choice. Our main criteria here is quality sound".

“We’ve had the 328 for six months and everyone that used it was very complementary. If people weren’t happy with it we wouldn’t have bought the 324. It’s a slow process getting engineers to convert to digital, but when they get there it’s pretty cool”.

The man operating the 324 Live much of the time is House Engineer Roberto Pieroni. He’s delighted with the Spirit consoles he’s used;

“I like the 324 Live. It’s as easy to operate as the 328 that we’ve been using for the last six months. As we only used the 328 for live work it made sense to switch to the 324 Live. On both desks the E-Strips are easy to use and the sound quality’s really good too. I’m very impressed with what these desks offer for the price".

“The ability to recall settings immediately saves me plenty of time , as do the internal effects. The 328 was always reliable; we never had a problem with it. I’m sure the 324 Live will prove as successful”.

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