Dec 01, 2000

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The Spirit of Bucks

--Currently running a unique BA in Music Industry Management, Buckinghamshire and Chilterns College has recently taken delivery of a Spirit Digital 328 for use on the popular course.

Adi Winman, demonstrator, lecturer, studio manager and freelance engineer, is the man in charge of operating the console.

“The 328 is in the MIDI/Post-production studio,” explains Adi, “There’s a studio downstairs that we use for recording and then we bring the tracks up here for mastering using Sound Forge. The 328 provides a really clean signal path for any last minute processing before burning to CD.

“I’d used digital consoles before I got my hands in the 328 so I found it really easy to work with. It’s so self-explanatory.

“I know Spirit make good quality desks as I’ve been teaching the students the basics of mixing on a Folio F1 and a Folio SX. We provide a signal source and a compressor and get the students to experiment with the EQ. Although the course has a music industry management focus we believe that understanding the process of turning performance into product is critical. Offering the students hands on experience with the Spirit gear is a great way of bridging the gap between the commercial and creative sides of the industry”.

Spirit Digital 328 is used by a huge range of artists including Asian Dub Foundation, Sasha, the Lightning Seeds and the Manic Street Preachers.

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