Jul 02, 2000

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‘The New 42nd Street Studios’ Installs 15 Spirit Mixers

--The New 42nd Street Studios, located between Seventh and Eighth Avenues in Manhattan, has recently opened its doors to provide some much-needed rehearsal space for New York’s performing arts community. Audio Production Services (APS) of Westchester provided all of the audio system design and installation for the new facility, which now makes use of 15 Spirit mixers.

In addition to three floors of office space, the ten-story, 84,000-square-foot facility features a total of 14 rehearsal studios of various sizes, two of which can be used as function spaces for gala dinners, readings or other small public events and performances. Thirteen of these studios feature a Spirit PowerStation powered mixer housed in a rolling audio rack along with a Denon DN-T620 CD/cassette player and Furman PL Plus power conditioner. The largest studio takes advantage of a Spirit PowerStation 1200, also in a transportable rack, used for its extra channels. In all cases, the Spirit mixers drive portable EAW loudspeaker systems.

On the second floor, the building also features a flexible, 199-seat ‘black-box’ theatre known as ‘The Duke on 42nd Street’. Available for rental to theatre, dance and music companies as either a performance venue or large rehearsal room, The Duke utilises a 32-channel Spirit 8 console to drive its Crown K2 amplifiers and full EAW rig.

“We had three main requirements in selecting mixers for The New 42nd Street Studio Building,” says Simon Nathan, president of APS. “They needed to be extremely clean sounding, have robust integral power amplifiers and be able to be mounted in our transportable audio racks. The PowerStations fulfilled all three criteria. The on-board Lexicon effects were also a very nice bonus, sparing us from having to go out and buy additional external reverb units.

“As far as The Duke’s Spirit 8 goes, we felt that it was a remarkably high-quality product for the price. It offered everything that the theatre would possibly need in terms of features, wChristopher Buckley, vice president of Production and Construction for The New 42nd Street Inc., comments, “Often times, the people operating these mixers are not audio engineers but theatre managers and directors. Therefore, it was necessary that we use mixers that were both relatively simple to operate and capable of taking a fair amount of abuse”.

Owned and operated by The New 42nd Street Inc., an independent non-profit organisation charged with the revitalisation of seven historic theatres on 42nd Street, The New 42nd Street Studios celebrated its grand opening with an open house on June 21. The facility has already extensively booked quite a combination of Broadway shows, dance groups and theatre companies for rehearsal and/or performance throughout the remainder of the year.

Spirit is a leading brand of mixing consoles designed and manufactured in the UK by Soundcraft, a division of Harman International Industries Inc. Soundcraft, Harman International Industries Ltd

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