Sep 03, 2001

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Swedish Theme Park installs 56-input Soundcraft

--The celebrated Liseberg Amusement Park in Gothenburg is the biggest visitor attraction in Sweden, and has become a primary live performance venue, welcoming top international performers such as the Rolling Stones, as well as leading Swedish artists. Its huge outdoor concert stage has recently revamped its sound system, commissioning one of the largest Soundcraft front-of-house desks in the country.

Liseberg was founded in 1923, a Disney-style amusement park which includes a 1400m-long roller coaster. It has a number of live performance areas, the largest of which has the capacity for audiences of up to 10,000 people, and it is here that the Soundcraft Series FIVE console has been installed in a permanent FOH control position.

The new 56-input Soundcraft Series FIVE will be used daily during the Park's summer season, mixing every kind of music: from symphony orchestra, folk, pop, rock 'n' roll, to hard-core metal. At the height of the season, front-of-house engineer Dan Rigtorp is mixing 2 sets a night. "Our previous console, an Allen & Heath, was not a match for the new V-DOSC PA. The Soundcraft is much better suited to an open-air venue, and ordering a new desk also enabled us to upgrade from 48 to 56 channels."

It is not the first Soundcraft for Liesberg; the first shows at the venue were mixed on a Soundcraft 800. Less than 2 years ago, in the first phase of refurbishment, sound contractors Gothenburg Audio specified and installed an L'Acoustic V-DOSC system, together with a new Soundcraft SM20 monitor console, one of the first in Sweden.

The arrival of the Soundcraft Series FIVE completes Liseberg's sound reinforcement system. Jan Setterburg of Soundcraft's Swedish distribution company TTS explained how this prestigious contract was awarded.

"The physical constraints of the FOH control booth make it very difficult for an act to bring in its own mixing console. One of the reasons for choosing a Series FIVE of this size was to provide comprehensive facilities which could handle any production, as well as being ergonomically familiar to visiting engineers. In my opinion, this is the great strength of the Series FIVE: Midas is great for Midas engineers, but Soundcraft can be used by everybody."

The front-of house engineer Dan Rigtorp is delighted with the new desk, as is monitor engineer Nicolas Bergling, who has enhanced his Soundcraft SM20 with dBx equalisation

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