Nov 01, 2000

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Spirit 324 Live Runs the Show at Sinbad’s Lounge

--The new Aladdin Resort & Casino is hardly a ‘new’ face to the Las Vegas Strip. Rebuilt on the same site where the former Aladdin stood prior to its implosion in late-April of 1998, the recently completed $1.4 billion dollar facility is now the latest impressive spectacle for tourists to take in.

‘Sinbad’s Lounge’, Aladdin’s high-end gaming balcony overlooking the main casino floor, also doubles as an entertainment venue, for which a Spirit 324 Live digital mixer was installed to handle front-of-house and monitor mixing tasks. Steve Heath, lead lounge engineer at the Aladdin, comments:

“We have three bands a day that perform at Sinbad’s, and there’s rarely more than 45 minutes to change over between acts. Plus, with casino patrons in here at all hours, we’re never at liberty to really ring out the room or do a proper soundcheck. The 324’s snapshots are a real lifesaver. By having band setups saved as snapshots, we eliminate the hassle of trying to tweak monitor and house settings through half of a show. All we have to do is occasionally ride a fader, if necessary. The 324 makes my life so much easier.

“And the bands appreciate it, too, because they know that they’re going to have exactly the same great mix as the last time they played here, which frees them up to enjoy performing instead of worrying about monitor problems. And, if they do request a minor change in their monitors, they know that they’ll get it again the next time. The 324 takes a lot of the ‘battles’ out of dealing with band members and really makes them look forward to playing our room.

“Aside from the snapshots, I love that there are inserts and automated mute groups on this desk. Many other mixers cut corners by leaving those things out. The 324’s upload and download capabilities are also important to me, as I like to back up my settings - including all snapshots and dynamics - at least once a week. And when Spirit launches a software update for the desk, all I have to do is download it for free from their website, which is wonderful. I had absolutely no hesitation in using the 324 when it was put in because I could immediately see that it was a very intuitive mixer to use. I’m very ‘pro’ technology and into using the latest gear as long as it’s usable, and things like the console’s E-Strip make the 324 very user-friendly.”

Up to five different local bands will perform at Sinbad’s Lounge each week - some having as many as nine members. All 16 inputs on the Spirit 324 Live are currently filled, recently prompting Heath to order two Spirit Mic/Line Interface boxes, which will enable the digital console to offer 32 channels.

Located in a compact mixing area approximately 30 feet out from the center of the stage, the 324 Live routes out to three Crown MA24x6 amplifiers driving three JBL SP215 loudspeakers mounted to an overhead beam for coverage of the lounge’s front seating area. Two Crown CL1 amps are used to power several JBL custom delay boxes (single 8-inch and horn) for the rest of the room, while two Crown CL2 amps are called upon to drive six JBL 4702X cabinets on stage for monitors. The system is further rounded out by a variety of Shure and AKG microphones and dbx quad compressor/limiters and EQs.

SPL Integrated Solutions of Columbia, Maryland, who served as the design-build audio and video contractor on the project for over a year, installed the Spirit console, in addition to all of the Aladdin’s other A/V systems.

Spirit is a leading brand of mixing consoles designed and manufactured in the UK by Soundcraft, a division of Harman International Industries Inc.

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