Sep 01, 2000


Spirit 324 Live Helps Out Jerry’s Kids

--Over the years, the Jerry Lewis Telethon benefiting children with muscular dystrophy has become an American Labor Day television tradition. This year, Audio Incorporated of Garwood, New Jersey used a Spirit 324 Live digital mixer to provide the audio feed from a satellite studio in Times Square to the telethon’s actual broadcast location in Los Angeles.

The 324 was set up in the main studio of the NASDAQ building, located on the corner of 43rd and Broadway, and called upon to mix audio from the Broadway casts of The Full Monty and Chicago. Several times during the telethon, the show would cut to the New York studio, at which point these troupes would perform a live segment from their respective productions.

A total of a dozen AKG WMS81 wireless microphones (with model 77 heads) were used by the thespians and routed, along with several other production mics, into the 324’s ‘Bank A’. Audio Incorporated then fed ten hard-wired mics for the live band - made up of a piano, clarinet, tuba, upright bass and drums - into the digital mixer’s ‘Bank B’. Thanks to the use of two Spirit mic/line interface boxes, the 324 Live would have been able to simultaneously accommodate up to 32 different mics from a very small footprint.

From here, the audio was mixed and sent to a variety of destinations. First and foremost, it went out via fiber-optic cable to the telethon’s primary set and broadcast location in LA. Secondly, the desk fed a temporary PA system set up outside the NASDAQ building, which allowed people in Times Square to listen in while watching the video displayed across the NASDAQ building’s enormous video wall. Lastly, another feed was routed a considerably shorter distance to a pair of JBL 6208 monitors that allowed Mike Sinclair, Audio Incorporated’s vice president, to hear what he was mixing.

“The Spirit 324 Live was ideal for its role in the Jerry Lewis Telethon,” says Sinclair. “I needed a fair amount of inputs for this application, yet had a very limited space from which to work; they actually gave me someone’s desk to set up on! Fortunately, the 324 packs quite a lot into a rather small area”.

“The Spirit mixer also worked out well because it allowed me to save a snapshot for each production and then simply toggle between the two as required. Other than that, the EQ sounds great, as does the whole board, really. Its noise floor is extremely low”.

“It’s a very powerful console in the sense that we can use it for all different types of live applications. We’ve used it for many theatrical performances at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, as well as for all sorts of acts at Town Hall on 43rd Street here in New York. I’ve been really happy with it, and we plan to use it for many more things in the future”.

Spirit is a leading brand of mixing consoles designed and manufactured in the UK by Soundcraft, a division of Harman International Industries Inc.

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