Jun 08, 2005

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Soundcraft dual-mode console family extended with MH2

--Joining the highly successful range of VCA-grouped performance consoles from Soundcraft is the new MH2.

Aimed at touring companies and installations of all sizes, the eagerly anticipated MH2 fits in at a very affordable price point, and is one of the few consoles at this level to offer VCA grouping. The MH2 is bound to find favour in installations such as churches thanks to its high channel count in a small frame, with matrix, VCA groups and LCR panning. Touring companies will readily appreciate the saving on inventory because of the multi-purpose operational modes.

Alongside its bigger brothers the MH3 and MH4, the MH2 is also capable of dual-mode (FOH/Monitor) applications, and features 8 subgroups, 10 auxiliary busses, 8 VCA groups and 6 mute groups, as well as an integral 11x4 matrix.

Available in frame sizes of 24, 32, 40 and 48 mono channels, all with 4 comprehensive, full function stereo inputs as standard, the new console uses monocoque chassis with individual channel PCBs providing a rugged yet cost-effective mixer solution for applications in toursound, theatre, corporate event and installations that require a high channel count in a small work area. The price of the new desk is, as expected, extremely competitive and highly affordable.

As with the MH3 and MH4, the MH2 can be switched to a Front of House or monitor mode, whereby ten 60mm faders can be switched to control the auxiliary outputs instead of the groups for monitor use. In FOH mode, these faders normally control the 8 group outputs plus two of the auxiliary sends.

Four stereo returns are provided, each with a 4-band EQ section, feeding the main mix busses.

‘Our customers asked for a console with the sound quality and ergonomics of our successful MH3 and 4, but in a smaller footprint.’ Comments Andy Brown, Soundcraft’s Toursound Product manager. ‘The new MH2 delivers exactly that, and will undoubtedly find favour on budget or space restricted jobs both in installations and on the road’.

There seems little doubt that the MH2 will prove popular in touring sound, as the MH3 and MH4 have found followers at high profile companies and installs such as Britannia Row, Adlib Audio, The Cavern Club, Utah Symphony Hall and the Queensway Cathedral. Most recently the MH4 was used to mix sound for the American Idol TV Series.

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