Jan 16, 2008


Soundcraft at Strictly Come Dancing

--Behind the glamour and glittering celebrities of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, Soundcraft technology is hard at work.

Entertainment pro audio specialist, John Henrys chose a Soundcraft Vi6™ live sound console to handle all the floor sound, VT and voiceovers. As general manager, Robert Harding explains, this is no ordinary show. “I know, when you’re looking at it at home, you might think ‘God that’s easy’ but it’s a very complicated show. We have about 54 channels going into it and we’re using about twenty of the outputs.” Sound engineer, Aden Gregory operates the Vi6 on the show and loves “its sound quality more than anything else and ease of use. It doesn’t feel like you’re using a digital desk. It works more like an analogue one so you can get through everything really quickly. I’m using lots and lots of personal mics on Strictly – about forty of them, so I need something the EQ really does work on.”

A trustworthy and dependable sound console is a must for Strictly Come Dancing. Robert Harding says, “It can’t go wrong because we’re live to air, so we can’t retake it. So everything we buy has to be super-reliable which the Vi6 has proved to be.”

Prior to Strictly Come Dancing, the Vi6 was put through its paces on another primetime television show, Dance X. The same console is now also being used to mix the sound feed for the studio audience of the six guest acts on each BBC “Later… with Jools Holland”.

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