May 08, 2008

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Soundcraft and Studer announce close co-operation with Optocore

--Optocore has welcomed Soundcraft and Studer as the latest members of their increasing community of partners. The three companies share the interest of developing state-of-the-art products for the professional audio industry and together they have initiated the follow-up model to the DD4ME Optocore MADI device, the DD2FE.

Soundcraft and Studer digital consoles now benefit from this new MADI interface. The DD2FE provides two fiber optic MADI ports allowing access of up to 128 in- and 128 output audio channels in an Optocore network. The DD2FE offers redundancy and the unique possibility to connect two Vi Series digital consoles to a single stage box, so that both FOH and monitor desks can share the main I/O connection, the perfect solution especially when it comes to challenging events.

Optocore, Soundcraft and Studer have already successfully worked together on the celebrations of New Year’s Eve in Times Square, the symbolic center of New York City 2007. Audio signals were seamlessly exchanged between FOH located at 44th street and the two stages on 46th and 47th street. A Studer Vista 5 SR FOH console communicated via the Studer SCore Live with two DD4ME devices exchanging MADI signals. An Optocore fiber loop transported the signals to the respective stages, equipped with one DD4ME device at each place, which exchanged the MADI signals with two Studer SCore Live racks and a Soundcraft VI6™ console. Optocore and its outstanding technology was the only solution to this application due to the extremely long distances, the high channel count and the different stages in use. The longest Optocore cable connection used covered 500 meters! The highest quality audio signals were guaranteed due to the fact that everything remained in the digital domain.

With the DD2FE, Optocore offers an additional innovative device for its optical digital audio network and the transmission of audio and data signals via fiber.

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