Feb 16, 2009

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Soundcraft® Vi6 On Tour With Uriah Heep And Thin Lizzy

--Known for their many rock-classics and reputation of producing memorable concerts, both Thin Lizzy and Uriah Heep embarked on a tour in Germany. With only a few more months until their 40th anniversary, both bands rocked out to a set list of their hits and of course new songs; all the while using the Soundcraft Vi6 console as a band-mate.

Everyone who has already seen these two bands in concert knows that the 3-hour-long concerts are full of real power-packages. Thin Lizzy, founded by Phil Lynott in Dublin in 1969, are considered to be an astonishing live-act with their excellent hard rock blues sound and poetic lyrics. After a 13-year break, the remaining band-members reunited last year and went on a successful tour.

There are no symptoms of old age defining Uriah Heep. On their German tour, band-founder, Mick Box (guitar, lyrics) and his four band members proved that their new drummer had brought with him a breath of fresh air. Several sets such as “Gypsy", "The Wizard", "Easy Livin”, "Lady In Black" and "Wake Up The Sleeper", from their latest album, convinces even the biggest doubter that Uriah Heep iare nowhere near extinction.

Austia's Show Productions Rock´n´Roll department worked as a full service provider for the whole tour and provided, on behalf of KBK technique, accessories, transport, night liner, strategy and design. A combination of the easy handling and terrific clarity of the Soundcraft Vi6 were the crucial factors in the decision to take two consoles on tour. Because of the sound quality of the pre-amps, the function of the dynamics, EQ, and Studer's 40 bit floating-point technology, the Soundcraft Vi6 easily meets the high demands of rock-concerts such as Thin Lizzy and Uriah Heep.

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