Jul 07, 2010

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Soundcraft Vi6 Is King At Queen's Hall

--Nestled between the residences of the Prime Minister and President of Trinidad, the Queen's Hall in Trinidad recently purchased a new Soundcraft Vi6 console, installed by Caribbean Entertainment Technologies Ltd., the systems integration arm of the distribution company AMR Export. The company installed the console as part of an audio system upgrade at Queen's Hall to support the venue's ever-growing reputation for top-notch musical and theatrical performances.

Based in Trinidad, CET Ltd.'s primary business includes design, supply, commissioning and maintenance of studios, PA systems, venue/theater systems and broadcast facilities in the southern Caribbean region. As Queen's Hall is the premier entertainment location in the country, CET Ltd. faced an important task: to ensure the venue--home to rock concerts, press presentations, dignitaries and Broadway productions--was fully in tune.

The Soundcraft Vi6's were installed in a manner to cope with all manner of monitor feeds, allow for joint front-of-house redundancy and to provide ultimate portability. "After researching the venue and presenting our ideas, the Vi6 was the easy choice for the Hall to make," says Aaron Rudden, Owner of CET Ltd./AMR Export. "Key items that secured the Vi6 were its 96-channel solution, Soundcraft's commitment to product support, ease of use, light weight, modular design and rapid tour acceptance on the world market."

Rudden adds that Soundcraft's customer support is equally impressive as the design and engineering of the company's products. For this project, Adrian Curtis, Soundcraft Studer's Vice President of Sales, personally visited Queen's Hall to assist with the training and commissioning of the CET Ltd. staff. "We were very happy to see Adrian, knowing that his tutoring of us was way beyond his duty," Rudden adds.

"We've seen a handful of shows since we finalized the installation and the sound couldn't be better," Rudden continues. "The residents of the Caribbean have always been fans of the 'British Console' sound."

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