Feb 19, 2008

Product Info

Soundcraft Vi Series™ gets offline editing and multiple stageboxes

--The Soundcraft Vi Series goes from strength to strength, and continues to gather new friends as Soundcraft announces even more new features and facilities for this amazing digital console.

Firstly, from March 2008 the desks will support multiple stageboxes. This means that a digital patchbay can be created, where the engineer can select the 64 inputs to a Soundcraft Vi6™ (or 48 on the Soundcraft Vi4™) from a selection of inputs available on any of the connected stageboxes. So, for example, with two stageboxes connected there are 128 inputs to select from, with three there would be 172 and so on.

The Vi Series stagebox is the main input/output interface for the system, with up to 64 mic/line inputs and 32 line outputs available, or AES/EBU digital cards can take the place of mic/line I/Os.

Perhaps even more welcome by any engineer using the Vi Series is the ability to set up shows and configurations offline on a PC, which can then be downloaded to the desk from a USB memory drive.

The Vi Offline Editor software, ‘Virtual Vi’, can be downloadable free from, and can be run standalone in any location, and the file transferred at any time. All routing, naming, EQ and dynamic settings and so on can be pre-configured offline. This also provides new engineers a superb opportunity to ‘test out’ the console on their laptops before getting hands on.

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