Aug 01, 2002

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Soundcraft Tops MH4 Range With 56-Channel Version

--Soundcraft have announced the addition of a 56-mono/4-stereo-channel frame size to its MH4 family of multipurpose live performance mixing consoles. The new configuration - the largest in the series - has begun shipping and carries a competitive price tag.

The UK factory has been able to bring the 56-channel model to market much sooner than anticipated. And because of its outstanding feature set, desirable sonic quality and affordable price, Soundcraft anticipate this new frame size will greatly appeal to fixed installation clients who, by using the desk to its fullest capacity, can get 64 mic inputs and four stereo line returns.

The 56-channel version now joins the MH4's 24-, 32-, 40- and 48-channel models - all similarly equipped with four stereo input channels - which have captured the market's imagination since their launch at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in March this year.

The design topology of the MH4 allows it to serve as either a dedicated FOH or monitor desk, or as a capable combination of both. The console features 20 auxiliary busses, new mic amp and EQ designs, eight VCA and eight mute groups with snapshot automation, true LCR panning and outputs, an integral 20x8 matrix, and integrated control over dbx DriveRack and BSS Audio Varicurve processing. In monitor mode, each input also has a passive mic split feed to connect to a FOH console.

The auxiliary busses are switched into the two modes of operation by a set of 'global mode' switches on the Group Aux output masters. In FOH mode, there are 12 mono auxes and eight group busses with pan controls across each pair of group busses.

In monitor mode, there are eight mono sends and four stereo sends, which are most commonly used for in-ear monitoring feeds. On the outputs, the stereo sends benefit from four-band semi-parametric EQ.

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