Nov 09, 2009

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Soundcraft Si3 Provides Ecstasy For Agnee In Sub-Continent

--JAIPUR, India — The latest addition to Soundcraft’s mid-range digital console family, the Si3, has wasted no time in finding its way into the sub-continent — and onto major shows.

One of India’s leading mainstream indie rock bands, Agnee, had their recent corporate show in Jaipur mixed by sound engineer Denzil Fernandes, who was making his first excursion on the Si3 after being introduced by Yogesh Dhawan, from New-Delhi based rental company, Dhawan Electricals.

Yogesh, himself, is a big fan of Soundcraft’s digital and analogue boards, with MH2, GB8, LX7ii and FX16 lining up alongside his Si3.

Meanwhile, Denzil Fernandes, who was standing in for the band’s regular FOH man Nitin Joshi, jumped at the chance to try the new desk. The sound engineer works for Pune-based sound and lighting company, “Last year I had a chance to see a Vi6 at one of the trade shows in Mumbai. Although I have worked on MH2’s this was my first experience of Soundcraft’s digital desks.”

He said that considering he had no previous experience of the desk, the learning curve had been remarkably short. “I felt entirely comfortable with within the first hour of sound check and I must say that for a console in this price range the Si3 sounded fantastic.

“With my eyes closed it sounded very close to a high quality analogue board, and the EQs, dynamics and effects all sounded great,” he continued. “But one of the most important features that impressed me was that all controls for a selected process are presented in front of you for editing at the same time; there is no using a cursor or layers etc.”

With its intuitive operation and high input and bus count the Si3 has been designed for live use on both touring sound systems and in fixed installations. In so doing, Soundcraft has revisited the control topology employed on the ground-breaking Spirit 328 and 324 digital consoles, and made it even easier.

As for Agnee, signed to a major label, the five-piece band commands huge audiences in India.

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