Jan 29, 2009

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Soundcraft Si3™ Provide Sound Reinforcement For Recent Concert Series In Argentina

--The versatility of the new Soundcraft Si3 digital console was recently on display as it received a thorough workout in Argentina recently, when local PA company Wanzo Sonido supplied their desk for concerts by the band ‘Los Nocheros’ and singer Alex Campos.

Los Nocheros toured the cities of Bellville, Villa Mercedes and Ruffino with their FOH engineer Guillo López running the Si3.

“It is a very friendly board” reported López. “It has a very comfortable and logical operation which you understand at once. I liked the processing and the sound in general”.

López was also complimentary about the way the information is displayed around the desk and at the channels. “I did not miss the typical central screen where you would normally see the processing being done – that, from my perspective distracts the operator.”

Athough I prefer fixed knobs for the channel EQ, I quickly adapted to the central zone of the board with the input EQ or dynamics, depending on the situation. In summary, it was a pleasure to work on the Si3”.

Alex Campos also played in San Luis, where FOH engineer German Bagna drove the Si3. “I personally see it as a very profesional and comfortable desk. The mic pre’s do not sound digital and that is very good.”

Wanzo Sonido, owned by Daniel & Sebastian Wanzo, also supplied dbx and BSS processing and Crown amplifiers for the shows. More information on Wanzo Sonido at

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