Jul 22, 2009

Music Venues

Soundcraft® Si3 Celebrated in India

--In what seems a never-ending string of musical events and cultural celebrations coming out of India these days, emerges another Festival; the ‘Fete de la Musique’ and yet again it was a Soundcraft® Si3 digital mixing console at front of house that delivered an action-packed ‘World Music Day’ with the ‘Alliance Francaise de Delhi’.

The festival was presented through the 64 input Si3 and other HPRO products including a dbx 4800 system controller, JBL VRX 932 LA, SRX 728S and SRX 712M speakers and Crown I-T4000 amps. The event featured three groups namely; Indian Grunge band ‘October’, modern alternative band ‘Poured on Ice’ and ‘Tarang’, a musical ensemble conceived by leading Indian artists fusing Indian and Western classical music through instruments including; Veena, Sitar, Mridangam, Tabla, Manjira and Flute, Drums, Octopad, Saxophone, Piano and Bass Guitar.

Yogesh Dhawan, of Dhawan Electricals Pvt. Ltd piloted the Si3 at front of house: “I used about 32 channels on the board with all its 4 Lexicons and a lot of compressors.

The Si3s GEQ was used for all the AUX's and main PA. I’m happy to say that the GEQ on the Si3 has surpassed all other EQ's and I will personally suggest that there is no need to use any outboard graphic EQ's. The amount of headroom provided by the GEQ is excellent and the best part that I noticed after using the board is that unlike any other external GEQ there is no loss in quality of sound even after a number of frequencies have been cut to avoid feedback. I’m happy to say that one does not need to spend extra money in purchasing outboard equipment like GEQ's, Reverb units, compressors/limiters and gates after one has bought this mixer.”

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