Aug 01, 2007


Soundcraft Score Goal with BB100

--Capturing the passion and intensity of premier league football and bringing it into our homes is the task of the new Liverpool FC TV channel which launches on August Together Harman and Boxer systems have played a key role in supplying the new football channel with a Soundcraft BB100 small format audio console capable of handling interviews, commentary, and satellite feeds for Liverpool’s Premiership matches.

Producer/director and broadcast consultant Vernon Antcliff at Liverpool FC TV reveals, “We wanted a good, solid analogue console which was relatively straightforward to operate and very, very good at what it did and that’s why I went for the BB100.” Part of the nine-channel Setanta Sports Pack on Satellite TV, the new Liverpool FC channel will also be broadcast live over the web on as part of e-Season ticket, the official website’s premium online service. The new Soundcraft BB100 will be based in the gallery of Liverpool FC TV’s studio and used for live transmission of premiership, UEFA Champions’ League and reserve matches along with a fifteen minute news programme broadcast twice every evening.

Available in configurations from 10 to 32 channels and 4 stereo or 8 mono subgroups with balanced input/output connections, the BB100 is designed to be flexible offering a simple, cost effective package for production and on-air applications.

Vernon reveals why he opted for Soundcraft’s BB100 to do the job. “In these days of all-singing, all-dancing digital consoles, because of the level of technical operation that we use, we didn’t want a complex console. It’s got all the things you require and adheres to some good broadcasting principles - you’ve got clean feeds and everything available in an operator friendly piece of equipment. You’re not pressing lots of buttons to do what you need. It’s all laid out there in front of you and it’s got a lot of functions in a relatively small footprint.”

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