Apr 01, 2003


Soundcraft MH4 For Sound Art Service in Austria

--One of Austria's premier sound hire companies, the Vienna-based Sound Art Service has quickly recovered its investment in a 32-channel Soundcraft MH4 console with an extended rental to national television broadcaster ORF for the very successful search-for-a-star contest, 'Starmania'.

Working to the usual formula of a starting line-up of 48 contestants singing live on ORF, and being narrowed down to the best male and female singers, 'Starmania' has enjoyed the same popular success as 'Pop Idol' and 'American Idol'.

ORF sound engineer Thomas Stoegmueller was responsible for mixing the shows on the MH4. "The setup was 18 wireless microphones, playback, video playback, Effect return and CD-player on input. For Output I used eight Mono-Aux Monitor sends, two Stereo-Aux Main PA sends, Effect sends, and Subwoofer on an extra send. This setup was done quicker than I anticipated, and I didn't have to refer to the manual until everything was up and running and I had time to try out some of the bells and whistles! The MH4 proved to be very easy to handle and very flexible; I especially liked the EQ in the Stereo Grp/Aux Output Module, which comes in very handy."

Erich Dorfinger of Sound Art Service confirmed that the desk is a popular choice with his diverse range of clients. "As a rental company, we are working in many different sectors of the market, from television shows to musicals and theatre projects. All technicians like the option of inserts in all the busses, as well as having extra inputs to all busses. With features like that, the MH4 offers a very appealing price/performance ratio."

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