Jun 01, 2001

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Soundcraft LX7 Gets Intimate at the 12 Bar Club

--The 12 Bar Club, famously voted the best Live Music venue in London by Time Out magazine, has taken delivery of a new 16-Channel Soundcraft Spirit LX7. The notoriously intimate venue has recently played host to Nigel Kennedy, Lambchop, Mark Eitzel, Billy Bragg and the Jesus & Mary Chain's William Reid, and with four acts a night, seven nights a week, the new console is already being put through its paces.

Paul Gilbert, engineer and on-line TV webcaster for the 12 Bar Club, knows how well the LX7 is coping with the demands placed upon it.

"We'd been using a Spirit Live 3 for years," he confesses, "The longest anyone's been working here is seven years and the desk was here before he started; so we figured it was time to get a new console. The Club is extremely small and the control room is absolutely tiny, so we knew we needed a really small console with plenty of features and outputs. And, as about 40% of artists playing here are singer/songwriters with acoustic guitars, it's vital to have a really clean signal.

"I knew what our requirements were, so I visited the Soundcraft web site, as we were always happy with the Live 3, and picked the desk I felt was most applicable to our needs. It's really compact, its six auxes and four sub-groups are really important as we broadcast every night live on or web site.

"It took a little bit of adjusting for all the engineers to get used to the LX7 but it's basically the same as a bigger desk. 16 channels are fine for us, as so many performers just need a vocal mic and a DI for their acoustic guitar. At the other end of the scale we had a seven-piece here last night and it was fine. The sound from the desk is great.

"The two sweepable mids give us the EQ control we need, plus it has plenty of outputs. We run outs to the main bar and restaurant, one to the front of house, one to the camera, another one to a minidisc player if the bands want their show recorded and one to the monitors. Soon we'll be installing A/V screens throughout the club, so people in the other rooms can see the acts as they happen".

The Soundcraft Spirit LX7 is now available with 16, 24 or 32 channels. You can visit the 12 Bar Club on-line at

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