Jan 01, 2001


Soundcraft Heads For The Rockies

--Rocky Mountain Audio Visual, Inc., a large A/V, sound reinforcement, lighting and staging provider headquartered in Boise, has now added a 48-mono-/4-stereo-channel Series FIVE and 52-channel/24-bus FIVE Monitor to its equipment inventory.

Michael Nelson, CEO and president of RMAV, comments, "Although this company began 20 years ago primarily as an A/V house, it has evolved into a production facility – complete with a full concert sound rig – for large-scale events. When the time came to add another house and monitor board, we chose the Series FIVE and FIVE Monitor based largely on our experiences with our 48-channel Soundcraft K2 desk, which has been absolutely awesome, particularly when shows or events have required extensive routing. The K2 has been well worth its money.

"Also, the Series FIVE and FIVE Monitor have extremely good reputations. I see them both on so many riders, which is not surprising because Soundcraft has long been setting the standard for live mixing consoles. The company has a legacy for outstanding performance, widespread acceptance and quality service. That’s important to me because Soundcraft’s reputation becomes a part of my reputation by using its consoles. With that in mind, I knew that if we chose to add a new pair of boards to run our ‘A’ system that we were going to do it right and get a Series FIVE and FIVE Monitor."

Rocky Mountain Audio Visual’s new Soundcrafts have already been getting quite a workout traveling around the mountain states and being used on a number a large festivals like the Sun Valley Jazz Festival and Boise River Festival, as well as on corporate events for Albertsons, Hewlett-Packard, Micron PC, Washington Group and the State of Idaho. The FIVE pair is most frequently used with RMAV’s McCauley and JBL HLA loudspeaker rig, which is powered exclusively by Crown amplification.

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Soundcraft, a leading British manufacturer of high-end mixing consoles serving live, broadcast, theatre and recording markets, is distributed in the US by Harman Pro North America, a subsidiary of Harman International.

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